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7 everyday tips for the Apple Watch in the video

7 everyday tips for the Apple Watch in the video

For smooth operation of the Apple Watch, GIGA editor Sebastian reveals here in the video which known and unknown functions he prefers to use with the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 5

Simply raise your arm and speak – that’s enough! The push of a button or the “Hey Siri” can really be saved. As can be seen in the video, the movement and talking is enough to make the voice assistant feel addressed – if you speak loudly and clearly enough.

If you want to learn more tricks like the ones shown in the video, read them 14 Apple Watch Tricks Every Apple Smartwatch Owner Should Know. There you will learn, among other things, how you can save music directly on the watch and make Siri quieter.

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In addition to the video, here are a few explanations:

Complications on the Apple Watch

Apple calls the small information displays on the clock face that can be used to access the respective app “complications” – strange, but it is so. The easiest way to configure the clock face is in the watch app on the iPhone. Under My clock you tap on the desired dial and then select the desired complications for the respective position. If you want to install a pedometer like me, you can find the instructions here: Pedometer for the Apple Watch: This is how you can display the steps.

Own photo as the face of the Apple Watch

As shown, you can use your own photo as a background image – whether just a vacation picture or from your own arm, for the “transparent” effect. To do this, mark the photo with the heart in the Photos app on the iPhone. Now you can find it in the watch app’s watch face overview under the photos watch faces under Favorites. For a watch face you can synchronize an entire album here, or you can choose Own off, changes to the photos selection and selects the desired images with the desired section.

How does the 2018 smartwatch tick?

Sebastian Trepesch
Sebastian Trepesch, GIGA expert for Apple products and software, photography, other technical products.

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