7 free and easy-to-use speed camera apps on the road

If you are one of those who travel a lot, these mobile applications will be of great help on the road.

Many people organize their trips by car using their smartphone, which is why we bring 7 free and easy-to-use speed camera apps on the road. Some applications for see radars and avoid fines, which can be downloaded completely legally through Google Play on Android.

In the list you will also find other free apps that they warn of radars and that they can be used on the road safely, some of them are even compatible with Android Auto. If you are one of those who travel a lot with the car, do not hesitate to take a look at these 7 applications for Android and iOS that will be of great help on the road and with which avoid fines.

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Waze GPS

Waze is one of the most popular apps for radar warning now.

Waze is a free social traffic and navigation application that has millions of users, who can report in real time from a traffic accident to the position of a radar. Some notices that other drivers can see at no cost, even if they pass through that area can confirm if there is a radar or not.

Google maps

Google Maps Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Google Maps continues to be one of the most downloaded apps on the planet.

Google maps is one of the most downloaded apps on the planet, and some time ago it incorporated a function to view the radars. A function that allows you to see ahead of time the location of a radar within a route, thus avoiding a possible fine. Some radars that the users themselves report, in the purest Waze style.


Coyote is an application with a wide community of users who exchange information about the roads in real time, so you can see both the radars and traffic jams or accidents. An app that has 15-day free trial but then it is necessary to purchase one of the three paid subscriptions it offers, the cheapest being 8.99 euros per month.



CamSam is another popular app to view speed cameras and avoid fines.

CamSam is one of the most popular radar detectors, offering the ability to display real-time warnings from more than 60,000 fixed radars worldwide. An app that is available for Android devices that have a free trial version with limited features and a more complete payment with more functions.

Tomtom AmiGO

Tomtom AmiGO

Tomtom AmiGO an app that alerts you to all types of radars.

Tomtom AmiGO is a GPS navigation app that offers real-time traffic information and alerts on radars and controls of all kinds. In addition, it also has offline maps and a speed control warning by means of alerts to anticipate the radars, both fixed and mobile or section.


SocialDrive It is one of the main alternatives to Waze, as it has the same social functions. In this way, users can report in real time where are the radars located or if there are traffic jams on the road, among other incidents.

Fixed and Mobile Radars

Fixed and Mobile Radars

Fixed and Mobile Radars, as its name suggests, is a free radar detector.

Fixed and Mobile RadarsAs its name suggests, it is a free radar detector that can be downloaded on both devices Android as in iOS. An app that can be used in the background and at the same time as the smartphone browser. In addition, it is able to notify radars in an updated way.

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