7 new companies join the HbbTV Association

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The HbbTV Association is growing: Almost 80 members now belong to the association.

Seven new companies have joined the industry association in the past twelve months. The new members are companies from the service and technology sector as well as platform operators. Specifically: Fincons Group, FreeWheel (Comcast International France), HiSilicon Technologies, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation, Salto, Teduin and Xperi Corporation.

To underline the relevance of HbbTV services, but also of television as a whole, the chairman of the HbbTV Association, Vincent Grivet, said: “Over the past few months, television has been strong and valuable
Source of news, information and entertainment for the general public in
difficult times. […] When the strengths of traditional television are complemented by additional Internet-based services such as media libraries, restart, video-on-demand and other interactive services using HbbTV hybrid technology, an attractive television experience is created. “

With the latest additions, the membership of the HbbTV Association is growing
more than 78 companies from all areas of the radio and broadband industry. The
the full list of members is available on the industry association website.

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