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7 recommended mobile phones for the elderly in 2020

by Tejas Dhawan

Using a smartphone can be a very simple task for you, in fact, most likely you are using one right now to read these lines. We spend hours each day connected to social media, searching the Internet or playing the latest titles, and we are more than familiar with this type of devices.

However, there are sectors of the population that are not so used to new technologies, like older people. The longest-standing members of our society have many, but not all, difficulties in handling the smartphones that we squeeze without any problem every day. Therefore, we should take some factors into account if we want to target our elders to new trends.

What should a mobile for elderly people have?

We must be aware that in many cases these people who are coming to mobile technology for the first time have some deficits. It may be the eyesight, perhaps also the hearing, but whatever it is, it will increase the difficulties when operating a smartphone. Fortunately, there are devices that adapt to any type of need.

There are manufacturers that reserve a part of their resources and efforts to create terminals designed for the most veteran, something that is always appreciated. But, What should have a mobile suitable for older people? These are some important premises to look for when choosing a terminal for this type of audience:

  • It should not be too big to be comfortable. However, your screen should be of considerable size.

  • If you have keys, they must be large and colorful so recognizing them isn’t a problem.

  • If it is totally tactile, it must have a simple and adaptable interface.

  • A charging base never hurts, it helps to have it located and to always have a battery.

We could summarize it in what is necessary a comfortable device, easy to use and with a battery that, in one way or another, holds up to always be available. Speed ​​dialing is usually present on all smartphones, but if it also has an extra such as an SOS button, the better. In addition, some recent smartphones have a “simple mode” that makes it easy to use.

Taking all this into account, we have selected a total of 7 mobiles different:

Huawei P40 Lite E

The Huawei P40 Lite E can be a fantastic option for older people. Its screen has a considerable size, without being one of the largest on the market, and still the terminal does not have excessive dimensions thanks to the good use of space.

One of the features that makes it an ideal terminal for older people is the inclusion of what Huawei calls “Simple Mode”. This option, available in the main screen settings, increases the size of the elements and the system font, and simplifies both the settings menu and the launcher, making the icons bigger.

Besides that, its 4200 mAh battery offers an excellent result, and its camera system will allow capturing good images, regardless of the experience of the photographer. On the other hand, being such a popular terminal, it is not difficult to find good cases with which to protect it from falls or blows.

Alcatel 2008G

Alcatel 2008G

Alcatel is an expert in the field of mobile phones for the elderly, and the Alcatel 2008G is one of the best options in its catalog. It has some large keys and a 2.5-inch screen that allows viewing content at a more than reasonable size.

Among its most interesting additions we find a charging base included with the phone, 2 megapixel rear camera, “SOS” and flashlight buttons included in the phone itself, and a range of up to 350 hours thanks to its 1,400 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy A20e

Galaxy A20e

For older people willing to make the leap to a mobile phone with a slightly larger size than usual, the Samsung Galaxy A20e It can be an interesting option. Equip one 5.8 inch screen, and its plastic body makes it a more resistant to shocks and falls mobile phone – even so, the stores are full of covers of all kinds for this mobile phone.

Like Huawei models, Samsung phones also include a simple mode available in the device display settings, which makes the home screen elements bigger, and increases the duration of the keystrokes to avoid accidental touches. A high-contrast keyboard is also included for easy reading.

Artfone C1

Artfone C1

A model in the same line as the Alcatel 2008G is the Artfone C1. It has big keys, a very resistant body made of plastic, and a 1.8-inch TFT screen. It also includes SOS and flashlight buttons, two additions that can be very useful. Also, the battery is replaceable.

Nokia 8110

Nokia 8110

Even without being a smartphone as such, the Nokia 8110 4G inherits some features of the most modern mobiles on the market. And it is that, unlike other “basic” terminals, it is possible to install applications like WhatsApp, and other tools that allow you to take advantage of your 4G connectivity.

Despite this, it maintains the classic design of Nokia terminals lifelong, with updated lines that make it easier to use.

Panasonic KX-TU110EXB

Panasonic Ultra Heavy Duty for Seniors

Panasonic also has its own mobile oriented to older people, which stands out for having a ultra-resistant body. Also equips a 1.77-inch LCD color screen, large keys with good separation backlit, 0.8 megapixel rear camera and function button for emergencies. It also includes a powerful LED flashlight on top.

Funker C85

Funker C85

Another famous model that could not be missing in this selection is the Funker C85. It is a suitable model for those who prefer the “flip” format, so that the screen is protected when the phone is not being used. It has an interior 2.4-inch TFT screen, and an exterior that allows check for calls, or see the time. In addition, it includes a camera, a function button and a charging base. All this at a reduced price.

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