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7 tricks of Google Calendar recommended by Google itself

7 tricks of Google Calendar recommended by Google itself

With over 1 billion downloads on Android alone, the Google Calendar It is one of the most used free utilities on the planet today. And still, not everyone knows how to get the most out of this tool.

At least that suggests Google itself, which has recently published a list with some of the best tricks out there –Without counting the ones we showed you a while ago– to get the most out of Google Calendar, regardless of the device from which you use the application.

Google calendar with dark theme

Learn how to get even more out of the most famous calendar app

Find the right time for a meeting

Thanks to the possibility of configure our state In the Google calendar, it is very easy to know who will be available at a specific time to conduct a meeting or interview. To do this, in the “Meet with …” section that appears on the left side of the web version of the calendar, we should only write the name of a member of our G Suite team, and automatically the free slots in the agenda. In the video under these lines you can see the operation of this feature in more detail:

Don’t get lost with time zones

Working with people from the other side of the planet can be a problem, especially when necessary. meet at a specific time. And all because of time zones.

What not many people know is that Google Calendar includes an integrated world clock that makes it easy to choose meeting times appropriate to the daily life of each team member. To access it, tap on the settings button, and access the calendar settings. Now, within the “Time Zone” section, check the option to show a secondary time zone and choose which one you want to see.

Avoid disturbing your colleagues outside of their working hours

Another function intended to be used in work teams is the possibility of see the schedules of the other colleagues, so that it is possible to avoid disturbing them outside their working hours. When creating a meeting, you can see if the date and time marked coincide with the working hours from other companions through the purple icon of the moon that you will see next to its name.

And if what you want is set up your own work schedule To avoid being bothered by other colleagues, you can do it inside the section “General” in the calendar settings.

Working hours in Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you can know who is working and who is on their break.

Share your calendar with other people

Maybe at some point you want invite other people to view your calendar events. The process is simple: just go to the “My Calendars” section and choose the one you want to share, then tap on the icon with three vertical dots. Then, go to the “Configure and share” section to send the link of your calendar to other users of the Google calendar.

Prevent other people from seeing your personal events

It is possible that, in addition to the events related to your work environment, also use Google Calendar to organize your personal life. If so, chances are you want to prevent other members of your team from seeing appointments and personal events that you keep in your calendar.

To do this, just ** open the event you want to hide and tap on the “Default visibility” menu to choose whether you want it to be private or public.

Add a to-do list to your events

Since its return as an independent app, the Google homework app, Tasks, integrates seamlessly with the calendar app. Thus, it is possible add tasks to our calendar, and for this you just have to tap on the Tasks icon that appears in the taskbar on the right side in the web version of Google Calendar. These tasks will only be visible to you and you can add the details that you think are convenient.

Leave space between your meetings

Now that work from home is booming, it is frequent carry out different meetings throughout the same working day. Sometimes even in a row. Google recommends leave a few minutes of separation between meeting and meeting to stretch your legs or relax.

Therefore, they explain a simple trick which consists of configuring scheduled events to end five minutes early. To do this, you just have to access the page of calendar settings, scroll to “Event settings” in the “General” section, and activate the option of “Quick meetings”.

This function makes meetings of half an hour or less end 5 minutes earlier, and 10 minutes before those that exceed this barrier.

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