"8 days": Sky series from today as a free TV premiere on ZDFneo

ZDFneo shows the drama series from Sky for the first time on free TV. The broadcast takes place in two blocks.

An asteroid rushes to Earth and threatens to destroy everything. There is panic all over Europe. At the center of the story of “8 days” is the Berlin couple Susanne and Uli Steiner (Christiane Paul, Mark Waschke). They flee headlong with their children towards the Polish border. Their destination is Russia – they are said to be safe there from the impending natural disaster.

ZDFneo is showing the eight-part drama series “8 days” on Friday, July 10th, from 10:40 pm and on Saturday, July 11th, at 10:35 pm, in blocks of four episodes. From Saturday at 10 a.m., all episodes will be available in the ZDF media library until October 9th. The main roles include Christiane Paul, Mark Waschke, Devid Striesow and Nora Waldstätten.

The series is part of a deal between Sky Deutschland and ZDF on free TV broadcasting of Sky content. This included, for example, “The Pass”. The first season of “Das Boot” also celebrated its free TV premiere in the second, but was previously bagged by ZDF. In contrast to these two series mentioned, “8 days” does not run in the second, but “only” on ZDFneo.

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