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8 Telegram minigames to take you to the beach

8 Telegram minigames to take you to the beach

8 telegram minigames to take you to the beach

The time has come for the vacation that many of you expected. From now on, and for the next few weeks, your only concern will be how to fill in the dead hours. What stress!

Relax, we are always here to help. And for this reason, we want to introduce you to the wonderful world of Telegram bots, undoubtedly one of the most interesting features of the application. And is that Telegram offers you bots for absolutely everything: to set reminders, to know the weather, to check prices, to edit images, or for pure entertainment.

Today we are going to focus on the latter, since the games within the app can be enjoyed for free, and they will come in handy to hang out on the beach or in the mountains, alone or with friends. We show you our selection with the 8 best games to enjoy on Telegram. Let’s go there!


How to access the Telegram minigames

First of all, it is advisable to give some brief instructions on how to access these mini-games, especially for those who do not know this function.

To play in Telegram you will first have to click on the magnifying glass symbol located in the upper right corner of the application interface. Then you will have to enter the name of the game you are looking for, and click on the “Start” option that appears at the bottom of the chat window as shown in the image above.

As we have commented before, these games are just bots that will allow you to challenge the machine itself individually, although there are some that also allow the participation of other players.

Now that you know the basics to work with Telegram bots, it’s time to jump right in with our list.



Who does not know the famous card game? Well, if you didn’t know, there is also a version for Telegram. As in the original, the goal is to get rid of all the cards given to you at the beginning of each game.

During the process, we will have to manage to annoy the other players hindering their plays and causing them to have to take more and more cards on their turn.

To play from Telegram, just let’s enter the name of the game through the search option and join us.



A fun Trivia-type mini-games with questions on various topics. Ideal for playing alone or with more friends who want to join the party.

The bot will propose several questions in chat format, and you we will have to respond as quickly as possible. In addition, so that nothing is missing, the game is available in several languages: English, German, Russian and, of course, in Spanish, although in this case it only applies to questions, since the rest of the menu will be found entirely in English. So everything, you have to try it, it is a real vice.

hanged (1)


Another classic game that more than one will remember. After all, the mythical “Hangman” is one of the funniest games known. As many of you already know, the challenge is to try guess the secret word by proposing different letters, before the drawing of the hangman is completed, since for each wrong letter a new part will be added to the figure. If you are not able to guess the word before completing the drawing, the game is over for you.

sudoku (1)


If your thing is to exercise mental agility, a Sudoku is always a great option. To access the bot version of Telegram, you just have to enter the word “SudokuGame” in the application search engine to start the game.

Of course, before starting the challenge, Telegram will ask us if we allow the app deliver our name, as well as the Telegram ID to the website that you will open through the bot. Once everything is confirmed, the party can begin.


The typical game about discovering the infiltrator in bot version for Telegram. Before starting, we will have to add the bot to a group chat with friends, since he will act as moderator.

When you start playing, you will have to answer the main question, Are you the cop or an undercover spy? From that moment on, the rest of the chat friends should try to find out who the other allied police officers are and thus be locate spies using strategic questions. So the coconut will have to be sharpened.

If we cannot find a group of friends with whom to share this bot, we can always search among groups already created by other people who speak the same language.

gamebot (1)


GameBot is more of a platform that includes up to 3 mini-games adapted for mobile devices: Math Battle, Corsairs and LumberJack.

Not only that, but also this bot allows us to challenge any contact you have on Telegram quickly and comfortably. How? Just write “@gamebot” in any chat, without having to press enter, and a small drop-down will appear with the selection of these three games to start a game directly without giving it too much thought.



With Gamee the same thing happens as with Gamebot, you can access its catalog of minigames, either by creating a chat with the bot itself or by mentioning the bot in an open conversation with friends.

As usual, if you mention “@Gamee” in a chat, a huge list of available games will appear. In fact, we are talking about a much more extensive catalog than Gamebot.

Inline games

We close with another bot with several proposals where we will meet Authentic gems like Chess, Russian Roulette or Connect 4, among other mythical games. Little more to add about Inline Games, except to comment that its catalog of games is mostly to be enjoyed between two players.

So far our selection with 8 mini-games to enjoy at any time from Telegram. Of course, there are many more. We invite you to share your favorite games in the comments below. Do not cut yourself.

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