9 Best Corner Shower Caddy in 2020 Reviews

If your bathroom is organized, taking a shower will make it easy for you to do all the important things with ease. There are dozens of products that will give you the perfect organization you want. One of them are corner showers.

But what is the best corner shower trolley that you can buy? We checked the nine best products to make sure you have an easy time choosing your model.

Caddy corner shower

Top 9 corner shower caddy reviews

Let’s take a look at the nine best corner shower stalls you should install in your bathroom.

1. Zenna Home Pole shower cabin

The Caddy has a rustproof and attractive bronze surface, which can give your bathroom a special touch. You save space thanks to the four square baskets that allow you to maximize the storage space in your shower.

You get a versatile shower cubicle with a basket that has enough space for larger items. There is also a razor and built-in hook memory, make the Caddy useful.

Another thing is that you can adjust the Caddy to fit from 5 feet to 8 feet (1 inch) in your bathroom. This is possible due to the new clamping system with which the height can be varied.

It is easy to assemble the model without seeking professional help. In addition, you do not have to cut a rod when connecting.

2. ALLZONE corner shower tray with constant tension

ALLZONE is one of the best rated shower trays on the market today and offers you the desired storage space. You can install it for any height between 4.5 and 9 feet and don’t have to cut a pole.

The device is supplied with four stainless steel rods, which ensure that they remain rust-free. It gives you high performance shelves that measure 13x9x1.65 inches.

These shelves have space for 4-6 small and 2-3 small bottles and offer enough space for all your things. Another thing is the easy cleaning of the bearing – it doesn’t catch dust easily.

You can rely on the shower caddy that gives you space to organize your things.

3. Zenna Home White Zenith Products 2114W Bathtub and Shower Tie Rod Caddy

The caddy is made of 100% cotton and fits in the corners to offer you four storage spaces. It comes with shelves that can be adjusted up and down to meet your requirements for storing small or large bottles.

Another feature is the towel holder, which allows you to keep your washcloths nearby when showering. You can also set the unit to a ceiling height of 8 ”, making it the ideal model for shower and bath rooms.

Installation is simple and can take about 10 minutes, until you have completed the installation. You don’t need a tool to assemble it or cut a rod.

4. SMARTAKE 2-pack corner shower trolley

It is a room organizer designed to keep your bathroom organized while showering and at any other time. The device fits 90 degrees and is the ideal caddy for storing body wash, cream and shampoo.

It is also easy to install because you don’t have to drill a hole. Another thing is that you can move it to another location quickly and easily.

The product is made of rustproof material, which has been able to show no signs of wear over the past few years. Thanks to the ventilated and hollow design, it also runs quickly to keep your items dry.

You can use it for years without worrying about anything, and you can rest easy.

5. Vdomus Strong Shower Caddy

The space-saving design of this caddy keeps your shower organized and clean. It can hold up to 30 kg of objects and is therefore the ideal unit for shampoo, soap and shower gels.

The corner storage is easy to clean and comes with a thick stainless steel bracket to keep it stable. The chrome-plated surface ensures that it remains free of rust and corrosion so that you can be serviced for years.

The Caddy also comes with a rail that allows you to store your items in storage, without falling. You can easily install it thanks to the two installation methods you get on the package.

So you can use the glue that you get in the packaging or in the hardware – either way it stays in top condition.

6. Simplehuman BT1064 corner shower trolley

At # 6 there is a shower cabin with a 5-year guarantee, which shows that it is made of high quality materials that guarantee a long life. Thanks to the stainless steel material, it can handle the harsh environment in your bathroom without rusting.

Storage helps maximize your shower storage so you can keep all your things in one place. It comes with a sturdy aluminum back that will allow you to handle a lot of weight and stay in good condition.

There are also adjustable shelves that you can slide up and down to make room for large and short bottles. Its adjustable feet make it the perfect model for installation on uneven surfaces.

7. Flowmist 2 Tier Corner Shower Caddy

The system is used to organize your bathroom and should be installed at a 90 degree corner. It is the ideal model for storing body wash, cream shampoo and other large bottles.

You don’t have to drill anything when installing the caddy so you don’t destroy your bathroom walls. It is not easy for storage to get wet or dirty and to keep your items clean.

The packaging comes with a strong adhesive to ensure that it stays stable in your bathroom. The ventilated and hollow design allows the water lid to dry quickly and keep the bare essentials dry.

The Caddy comes with a 12 month warranty that covers parts and defects that may occur during this period. You can easily reach the customer service team for inquiries or questions that may need to be resolved.

8. Rust-proof, tension-proof corner pole caddy from Zenna Home

Zenna Home Pole Caddy is a model that creates storage space, by providing you with four deep storage baskets and razor holder. It comes with adjustable shelves that you can move up or down as needed.

You can also adjust the Caddy to your bathroom height and reach up to three meters. The product also has a rich nickel satin finish that prevents rust and corrosion.

You do not need any tools to install the mast box, as it is a “Twist Tight” product. You can bet to secure and offer the stable storage you need for all important things.

It is an affordable product that offers good value for money. It also stays rust-free for years to keep your items in one place.

9. Tenby Living Corner shower tray

It’s a 13.19 × 10.43 inch shower cart so you have enough space to keep all of your items in one place. The model offers four shelves for storing body wash, conditioner, shampoo, shower gel and shaving cream.

It is a plastic model that can withstand rust and corrosion and gives you years of operation without wear. There are holes in the shelves through which the water can drain efficiently to prevent the development of mold and mold.

Its adjustable feet keep it stable; You don’t have to worry about shaking or rocking. You can also customize the caddy to meet your needs by mounting it as a two, three or four racking caddy.

How do you prevent the corner shower trolley from falling?

Here are some things you can try to keep your Caddy safe:

  • Use a cable tie: Use the cable tie between the hook of the caddy and your shower head.
  • Use hose clamps: They are an alternative to cable ties.
  • Use rubber bands: You can use about five rubber bands to get the same result as the cable tie.
  • Use foam tape: Stick the foam tape on the do and shower rails.

Final judgment

The best corner shower trolley gives you the storage space you need to keep your items in one place. You can choose from the models described above and be sure to get good value for money.

Best corner shower trolley

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