9 iOS 14 tricks you may not know [Vídeo]

We continue working hard on iOS 14 and all its beta news so you can get to know it in depth long before its launch, which is scheduled for a little over a month. This time we want to bring you curiosities that perhaps have not been given so much “hype” since the launch and that we find especially interesting to count.

Discover with us the nine most interesting hidden tricks of iOS 14 that perhaps you did not know, some features will leave you speechless. As we usually do, we have accompanied this post with an illustrative video in which you will be able to appreciate all the features in motion.

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Share your Memoji with the Apple Store tag

Apple continues to work on the Memoji, its peculiar way of customizing our stickers and which is certainly interesting and popular. With the arrival of the latest beta of iOS 14 some new ones have been added, but today we are going to focus on a trick that is not new to iOS 14 but that you can easily do.

It is very easy to do:

  1. Add this shortcut: LINK
  2. Go to the messaging app and open the Memoji tab
  3. Press and hold on the pasted Memoji
  4. Select Apple Store Memoji Badge from the Share menu

Now it will ask you for the color and personalization of the photograph and it will be stored in your Photos reel, impossible easier.

Limit the photos that an application can access

Privacy is still one of the Cupertino company’s main strengths, and in iOS 14 the reality is that numerous features focused on this aspect have been included. A novelty is the possibility of limiting which photos each application accesses, nothing to grant access to all or none, and this seems to me sincerely spectacular given its complexity.

We can configure it this easy:

  1. We open the Settings application
  2. We go to the specific application that we want to limit if it is already installed
  3. In the “Photos” section click and access
  4. We choose «Selected photos» and we choose the photos to which you have access

Selfies with mirror mode

Finally iOS 14 has included “mirror mode” in the selfie camera, something that Android devices bring almost entirely by default. This helps us to look more natural in selfies since we see the photographs as if we were looking in a mirror and not on the opposite side. Like the rest of the settings we are talking about today, it is sovereignly easy to activate it:

  1. Go to the Settings section
  2. Search for “Camera” and enter
  3. In the “Composition” section, the mirror mode will appear

Just activate it, but I remind you that in some devices with the third beta this functionality may have disappeared.

Emoji finder on keyboard

The Emoji They are already a very important part of our communication, in fact there is already so much that it is almost cumbersome to use them, thank goodness we have the tab of recently used to not make us a real mess. Now Apple makes it much easier for you, allows you to search for Emoji like so:

  1. Open the text box of any application
  2. Press the Emoji button
  3. Where it says “search Emoji” click
  4. Write what you want and it will give you results

Sound recognition in the Control Center

The Control Center has also undergone a major redesign with iOS 14, at least in the offer section, not so much in terms of the pure and hard design of the buttons, despite the questionable integration that HomeKit shortcuts are having. . You can take advantage of the sound recognition function also in the Control Center:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select “Control Center”
  3. Add «Sound Recognition»
  4. So you can quickly enable and disable functionality

Don’t forget that you should go to Accessibility> Sound recognition to adjust the alert parameters.

New alerts in the Weather app

The Weather app wants to gain prominence with the arrival of the Widgets, and one of the novelties is the personalized alerts within the application thanks to the latest acquisitions of other companies dedicated to climatology by the Cupertino company.

While in some localities it even shows a UV indicator, for now in places like Madrid we only receive alerts regarding temperatures, torrential rains and some other news that we have been able to check. In principle it is not necessary to make any specific configuration to activate them.

Touch the iPhone from behind and configure actions

The first thing we have to do is access: Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Touch back and right in this menu we find the possibility of configuring an action by pressing on the back of the iPhone with your finger. Once inside we will be able to customize a good handful of capabilities.

This will depend on whether we prefer a double tap or a triple tap. The reality is
that it is extremely sensitive and you are surprised even by how well it works, definitely It can be a «new button» for our iPhone and also works even with cases.

Place the NFC Tag reader icon

Apple has spoken long and hard about how opening the iPhone’s NFC can take its capabilities to a new level. One of them is reading NFC “tags” that, for example, businesses could include in the future. For now we have not found any NFC tag that works correctly, but in case we can add a button to the Control Center.

Using Picture in Picture on Youtube

We can use PiP on YouTube, we simply have to take into account that it is necessary enter YouTube through Safari.

When we are playing a video compatible with the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) system, a button will appear indicating it in the upper left, this icon is between the button to expand the video and the button to close the video. If we press it automatically we will be in Picture-In-Picture.

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