9 things you should know if you want to open an account with OnlyFans

How to earn money with an OnlyFans account

OnlyFans has become the successful social network after being confined by the coronavirus. Like Patreon, access to OnlyFans is limited to all users who pay a subscription to a certain content creator. But the service conditions do not stop there. There are a number of details that we will have to know in advance, whether we are users of the platform or if we want to register as a creator to generate income within OnlyFans. This time we have collected several of these conditions to get closer to the most successful social network of the moment.

10 questions and answers about OnlyFans, the paid social network

OnlyFans will keep 20% (or more) of your benefits on OnlyFans

So is. Of all the profit we generate with subscriptions and tips, OnlyFans will keep 20%. That is, if we generate $ 1,000 in a month, the company will keep at least $ 200. But this does not stop there.

According to several creators, the platform has recently warned that this percentage will increase in the coming months. Although it is not known with certainty how much it will amount to, everything points to reaching 30 or even 40%. That is, for every $ 1,000 that is generated in benefits, the company could keep 300 or even $ 400. There is nothing.

The charge that will appear on your card will be “ONLYFANS”

Many users have recently wondered what charge will appear on the card when payments are made through the platform. According to various testimonies, the charge that appears in the bank account is “ONLYFANS” along with the company name. There is no way to hide this charge, unless we resort to an alternative bank account or a virtual debit card whose control depends solely on ourselves.

Forget using PayPal on Onlyfans to pay

Today OnlyFans does not support payment through PayPal. And it does not seem that this decision will change in the future. In the end, PayPal keeps a percentage of payments to companies, which ends up having an impact on the global benefits of OnlyFans. At the time of writing these lines, OnlyFans only supports payment through credit and debit cards.

There is no OnlyFans application (and don’t even think about downloading one)

For some time now, dozens of websites promise to offer “an OnlyFans application with free and unlimited access”. Sounds nice, right? Well, nothing is further from reality.

Due to the type of content that we can find in OnlyFans, the platform does not have a presence in the Apple and Google application stores. Most likely, the application in question try to get personal data or install some kind of malware on our phone. That at least.

The minimum monthly subscription price is $ 5

Or rather, $ 4.99. As for the maximum price, the figure set by the platform in 2020 is $ 50 ($ 49.99 to be precise). Within this range the creator can move at any number. OnlyFans also offers us the possibility of generating packs with several months of subscription and an added discount or even creating a set of reduced subscriptions. In no case may it be less than the 5 dollars set by the company.

Paying a subscription doesn’t give you access to all of the creator’s content

The OnlyFans business model is supported in two ways. On the one hand, subscriptions. And on the other, tips.

While subscriptions give us access to the creator’s public content, tips act as payment currency to unlock certain exclusive content, such as videos, images, or links to other websites. These tips they have a minimum price of 5 dollars and they do not have a maximum limit, so they can go up to three or even four figures if the creator prefers it. It goes without saying that the payment of a subscription is not transferable to other subscriptions on the web. In other words, it will only give us access to the content of the profile to which we have subscribed.

OnlyFans does not support refund of payments

Is there a way to get a refund from OnlyFans? What if the content of a profile does not convince us? What if we want to unsubscribe before the end of the subscription period? Nothing at all. OnlyFans does not contemplate any refund within the platform whatever our case. If we want to obtain a refund of the subscription, the most advisable thing is to contact the creator directly so that he acts in good faith through some alternative way (PayPal, Bizum, bank transfer …).

10 questions and answers about OnlyFans, the paid social network

If you are a minor you will not be able to use OnlyFans

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, OnlyFans only allows the registration of legal users. The reason lies in the type of content that we can find in the paid social network. While Patreon, for example, does not support explicit content, OnlyFans allows you to share videos and images on a sexual basis.

Despite everything, OnlyFans is not safe

A few months ago the social network suffered one of the largest leaks in its history. The result? Tens of thousands of sexual photographs and videos were leaked on various forums and web pages. So far, the website has not suffered any downturn again. However, from tuexperto.com We recommend paying attention to the email address and password used to register on the web.

Use a different mail than our regular mail and a strong password will help us avoid future headaches. Regarding content leaks, we can do little or nothing as creators, beyond legally reporting users who have leaked such content.

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