9 tips and tricks to get more out of Netflix

If you are a Netflix subscriber, with these tips and tricks you can master it to the fullest both on Android and on the desktop.

Subscription to Netflix can cost you from 7.99 to 15.99 euros per month, but do you find it profitable to pay this price without making the most of the streaming platform? The time has come to learn to master Netflix with these 9 tips and tricks with which you will discover functions for its Android version and its desktop version that perhaps you did not know.

While we wait for Netflix to add the option to watch content while downloading, we will focus on those tools that are currently available in the service. These facilitate the discovery of content recommended by the Netflix algorithm, the adaptation of the subtitles to your tastes, control the content for the smallest of the house and many other things that you will know in the following cheats and tips for Netflix. Let’s see it!

Netflix for Android

Get the most out of your Netflx subscription with these tips and tricks.

Top 10 to discover the most popular content

Netflix used to not give information about which series and movies were most viewed on the platform. However, this changed in early 2020, when the company announced that it would include a Top 10 on the home screen so that users could know what was the most viewed content every day. Said and done, this function is already a reality and we recommend using it to find out the latest trends on Netflix and discover new series and movies to watch.

Both in the mobile and desktop versions, you have to move through the home screen until you find the section called “The 10 most popular in country name today”. It is a national ranking that Netflix updates every day, reason why the series and films that appear in it are not out of date. In addition, you will be able to recognize the titles that star in the ranking because they include a Top 10 badge in the upper right corner of your cover image.

Netflix Top 10

This is how the Netflix Top 10 looks, showing you the recent trends in your country.

Search by category

The division by categories is essential on Netflix, since it allows you to access an ordered catalog in which you can quickly find the series or movie you want to see depending on its genre. In addition, if you want to see one of horror, but you do not know which one, you just have to enter that category and see the productions that the platform fits into that category. Without a doubt, this type of search is one of the best tools to browse the Netflix catalog.

Let yourself be guided by similar recommendations

Netflix’s algorithm works to relate similar productions and thus recommend new series and movies similar to those you liked. To find similar recommendations, you must go to the main page of a series or movie and select “Similar”. This will display a new section with productions similar to that title that you may like.

Similar Netflix

These are productions similar to “Dark” according to Netflix.

Secret codes to access hidden content

The categories we talked about above are not the only method of accessing the entire Netflix catalog. We also recommend using the service’s secret codes to find “almost” hidden content. Each of these codes is associated with a category -there are dozens of them-, for example, werewolf terror, satires, social dramas or silent films.

To use these codes you must open the browser app, type in the search bar “Https://netflix.com/browse/genre/X” and change that final X for the code That applies – you can find them all in this guide on how to use Netflix hidden codes. Thus, you will be able to access thousands of more unknown titles that do not usually appear in the classic division of Netflix.

Lock screen to avoid accidental touches

In April 2020 Netflix introduced a long-awaited feature: the screen lock while watching series and movies. Thanks to this button, you can prevent accidental touches on the screen taking you out of the app, stop the reproduction or any other inconvenience.

To use this function, touch on the screen during viewing and click on the padlock to activate the lock. When you want to exit Netflix, just tap the padlock again to unlock the screen.

Change the appearance of the subtitles

If the display of the subtitles is not clear or comfortable for you, you always have the option of modifying their appearance to suit your needs. Netflix has a customization feature that allows you change the color and font of the subtitles. To access it, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Netflix app and click Plus, in the lower right corner of the screen.

  2. Swipe down and click Bill, action that will take you to the web to edit your account settings.

  3. In the Profile and Parental Control section, click on your username.

  4. In the options menu that is displayed below your user, select the option Subtitle appearance.

  5. Once inside the subtitle editing screen, you are free to choose the look you like best. As you see you can change font, size, shadow, and font color, shadow, background, and window of the subtitles. At the same time that you choose some options or others, you can see the result of the changes in the preview that appears at the top of the page. Click Save for the changes to take effect.

Control the content that your children can see

Another important aspect to master Netflix is ​​knowing how parental control works to control the content that your children can see. The parental control settings of the platform are very complete, so you can configure even the smallest detail. On the one hand, you can enable a PIN to access your user so that the little ones cannot access it. Go to Account> Block profile and you can enable this option.

Second, you can configure your children’s profile so they have access to a limited catalog based on their age. From Account> Viewing restrictions, you can select one of the age classifications or mark it as a child profile so that they can only access series and movies for the little ones.

Finally, Netflix also allows you block some titles so that they do not appear in your offer, regardless of the age restriction that we have previously explained.

Parental control on Netflix (2)

Parental control allows you to configure the content that your children see.

Receive individual recommendations from your profile

That Netflix algorithm that we have already talked about is in charge of recommending those titles that they think you may like. Sometimes the platform performs these individual recommendations via email, so they do not reach you if you are not the owner of the email address with which the account was created.

This does not mean that you cannot access individual recommendations, as you can add an email account related to your profile. Thus, those recommendations based only on the content you see from there will arrive at the same.

Go to Account> Profile and parental control and click on your user. In the options menu that appears, select Add next to Profile Mail. Enter your email and there you will begin to receive the individual recommendations of your profile.

Add email on Netflix

This is the menu that you must access to add your personal email.

Know all the information in “Details”

Although this feature is only available at the moment on the desktop version of Netflix, it is one of the most interesting on the platform. If you want to know all the information about that series that you love, you just have to access its main page and click on “Details”. There you can meet who created the series, which actors make up its cast, the genres where they are framed or their age rating.

The information does not stop there, you can also see all the productions of the Netflix catalog in which an actor appears by clicking on his name. So if you really like an interpreter, you can continue your filmography without leaving the platform video on demand.

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