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90-year-old “Gamer Grandma” holds Guinness World Record – video games changed her life

by Tejas Dhawan

Hamako Mori turned 90 in February and is the oldest gamer with her own YouTube channel. As the “oldest gaming YouTuber”, she is even the holder of a Guinness World Record.

Hamako Mori and her Guinness World Record certificate. (Image: Guinness World Records).

39 years ago, Hamako Mori started playing video games, today she has a YouTube channel with 284,000 subscribers and a Guinness World Record. As a “gamer grandma”, the 90-year-old proves that having fun playing video games has nothing to do with age.

She started playing video games because she saw it more and more in children and thought: “It looked like so much fun and I thought it wasn’t fair if only children were allowed to play.” So she started playing video games. She has bought countless games and consoles in the almost four decades, and she keeps almost all of them because they have fond memories.

Hamako Mori does not play virtual Shōgi on an old PC. The console of her choice is the PS4, on which she prefers to play GTA 5. Other action games such as Call of Duty, Resident Evil 3 or Borderlands 3 also belong to her portfolio. What she loves about GTA 5 is the graphics and she feels like she’s in a movie.

By the way, she started uploading her gaming sessions to YouTube in 2014. She says, “It would be a waste if only she enjoyed it”. She posts a good three to four videos a month and is very happy about the many nice comments and it touches her that many fans write, the videos give them hope for the future. That’s why she has the dream of making many more videos.

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The 39 years of gaming have enriched her life very much, says Hamako Mori:

“Having lived for so long, I’m more certain than ever that playing video games for so long has been the right decision. I really enjoy my life – it’s wonderful. “

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