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A choir of 17,000 singers from home thanks to Google

A choir of 17,000 singers from home thanks to Google

A well-known composer has managed to bring together more than 17,000 singers to form a virtual choir using Google tools.

Google continues to work on new projects, and the latest has been a choir of 17,000 singers from home. After releasing a few days ago Android 11 Beta 2, which incorporated a series of small improvements, the Mountain View company has presented a curious project with which they have managed to get thousands of singers to perform in perfect harmony directly from their homes to offer the world a good show using great G technology.

Singing in a choir generally means standing within a large group of people singing and nailing harmonies together on a stage or in a church, for example. With the current situation many people cannot meet, so the composer and director Eric Whitacre It has created a virtual choir, as Google indicates in its official blog. A project that debuted on YouTube on July 19, although Whitacre began organizing virtual choirs in 2009 when a fan uploaded a video singing one of this composer’s choral compositions. The first virtual choir had 185 singers and from that moment it has not stopped growing, achieving 8,000 voices in the fifth performance, which took place in 2018.

The Solfamidas group of Homer Simpson

The Solfamidas, the group that formed Homer Simpson.

In this edition, the Virtual Choir inscriptions have exploded, and the number of more than 17,000 singers worldwide who have managed to find a way to participate in the sixth recording from their own homes. Some participants who learned the song “Sing Gently”, composed by Whitacre in these past months while he could not leave his home, like the rest of the people. A song whose lyrics “encourage people to live with compassion and empathy, and do this together,” says the author.

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A virtual choir made up of more than 17,000 people singing in perfect harmony

The team in this virtual choir uses every video that has been sent, unless there is a technical problem with the recording. So, there is thousands of videos to sync and thousands of sound recordings to edit so that the final result sounds perfect (you can see it in the video on these lines). On this occasion, this team has had three sound editors, six people reviewing each presentation and two executive producers.

A task force that was dispersed throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa, and which used Google Docs and Google Sheets to track your progress, Google’s webmaster tools to manage thousands of email addresses and Google Translate to keep in touch with singers from all over the world.

For their part, the singers reviewed the choir’s YouTube channels to watch rehearsal videos, plus footage of Whitacre directing the song, and a series of questions and answers with other singers and songwriters. The vast majority of these people have claimed that it felt good to sing with others at the same time, although in reality they were not performing in the same room, since each one had participated directly from their homes.

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