A confidential document confirms that Amazon Prime Video pays 50% less commission on the App Store

We continue with the soap opera of Apple commissions to developers. Apple owns the App Store, but users increasingly use third-party apps. Is it logical that Apple make money thanks to the developers? Are commissions abusive? What is already becoming clearer to us is that not everyone pays the same commission, and we have just corroborated it through a confidential document that shows how Amazon would be paying 50% less commissions. After the jump we show you the Agreement that Apple and Amazon would have signed prior to the launch of the Amazon Prime Video app for iOS …

First of all tell you that this seems like pretty reliable information, has been leaked through a trial last week in which Apple was accused of its monopoly power in the operation of the App Store. In this email we can see the conditions that Eddy Cue would have sent to Jeff Bezos at the end of 2016. An email that would show how Apple does not treat all developers equally as stated by Tim Cook.


I have really enjoyed our time together very much.

Here are the details of what we discussed about Prime Video.

  • Amazon Prime Video App on iOS and Apple TV.
  • 15% commission for customers who register using the application (using the App Store payment method), without commissions for customers who are already subscribed.
  • Siri and Spotlight will offer metadata of the Prime Video content.
  • Support «See [nombre del contenido]»Via Siri, this will launch the PRime Video app with the requested content.
  • Support in the new TV app to show programs / episodes with direct links to the Prime Video app.
  • Content from other streaming services (Showtime) on Amazon Prime Video, 15% commission if the subscriber had first subscribed through us.
  • Negotiation linked to tax discussions.

It must be said that this 15% is achievable by all users after one year on the App Store, before the year they will have to pay 30% of their income. Amazon Prime Video is not far from the figure but the curious thing is that from the first day they have had that 15% commission. It is worth that the app store is from Apple, that they set up the infrastructure on which the developers obtain their income, but what is not worth is that they lie saying that they charge everyone equally. They don’t, what difference does it make? Why don’t they admit it? Of course, you also have to take into account that Apple has products on Amazon, What percentage is the giant of the purchases of the sales of Apple?

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