"A crook & gentleman": Redford's last role today as a free TV premiere

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For Robert Redford, a circle has closed with the comedy “Ein Gauner & Gentleman” in the first. As a bank robber, he had become one of the greatest Hollywood stars 50 years ago.

In the western comedy “Two Bandits” (original title: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) Redford and Paul Newman raided railroads and banks – a box office hit. With over 80 years, Redford once again pulled out his best weapons in “A crook & gentleman”. That was his last role, the end of his acting career, he said. The ARD shows the film tonight at 10:45 p.m.

The grizzled star has the perfect look for the aged bank robber Forrest Tucker, who executes his forays with disarming courtesy instead of shots and bloodshed. “Based on an almost true story,” says the opening credits of the film. In fact, the career criminal Tucker (1920 – 2004) was known as a breakaway king, for his gentlemanly manners and through raids into old age. He usually walked into the bank wearing a hat and coat, politely asking for dollar bills at the counter, often leaving the pistol in his pocket.

“I thought it would be wonderful if my last film was bizarre, peppy and funny,” said Redford in September 2018 after the premiere at the Toronto film festival. Tucker enjoyed his crook life. A role that Redford apparently could understand. He himself had had a rebellious side from an early age and always felt like an outsider, the actor told the “San Francisco Chronicle”.

In “A Rogue and Gentleman,” Redford has prominent accomplices. “Lethal Weapon” star Danny Glover and cult singer Tom Waits play old warlords who help him with larger raids. As clever and successful as the trio does its job, policeman John Hunt (Casey Affleck) is on the heels of the robbers. Even the detective cannot completely escape Tucker’s charm. In a probably unique crook scene, the paths of the persecutor and the criminal cross on a toilet.

In Redford, US director David Lowery has found the perfect actor. Lowery previously made the fantasy fairy tale “Elliot, the dragon” with the star. The crook comedy is a true homage to the cinema legend: the camera lingers with pleasure on Redford’s wrinkled face. A flashback on Tucker’s long criminal career is provided by Lowery with real photos of young Redford.

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