A doctor sets up 9 rules for happier play

Are you always happy when you play? Or come up with thoughts like, “Played half the day, did nothing!”; So thoughts that probably all of us know? A scientist wants to help you – with a short guide to playing happier.

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A doctor sets up 9 rules for happier play.
A doctor sets up 9 rules for happier play.

Do you ever feel guilty when you play because you actually have to do something different? Do you spend your time playing video games instead of doing more important tasks – like private projects, work or schoolwork? Then you are probably neither lazy nor alone: Nearly everyone knows this feeling, and it even has a name: Procrastination. If you procrastinate, you may not have as much fun playing, in addition, playing at some point could be associated with feelings of guilt, so that you cannot relax at all in the end (which would actually be the goal!)

So what to do? Dr. Cody Phillips, of his character Doctor in Computer-Human Interaction focusing on video game users (yes, it really works), dealt with this topic exactly and 9 short rules set up that will help you. Should play relax and you can even actively help to pursue your goals – he explains how this works in his article “Stop Procrastination: A Guide for Video Players”. If you have no problem with English, I can only recommend reading it – and don’t worry, it is neither peppered with foreign words nor boringly written. On the contrary.

No time to read? Then keep an eye on them below 9 ruleswho have favourited Dr. Phillips has set up.

9 golden rules against procrastination with video games

Procrastinating means that you always put projects, goals and important work on the back burner and instead distract yourself with other, more pleasant activities. Procrastination, however, creates negative feelings.

  • People who procrastinate are not just lazy
  • Procrastination is through triggered negative affects (negative emotions)
  • Video games can be self-chosen mechanisms for procrastination for players, but:
  • Recent studies have shown that connections between Hours of playing and Procrastination are weak
  • To reduce your procrastination, you need your strong ones weaken negative moods
  • Reduce your negative moods with willful ones meditation, with the Listening to music or with one diaryin which you write everything that is good in your life
  • You can try for short playing video games, before you start working
  • You should also get one Write a plan:
  • Write down what you wanted to do, when you wanted to do it and how you wanted to do it
The 6-minute diary PUR | Success Journal, Gratitude Journal 6 minutes daily for more success, serenity and mindfulness

The 6-minute diary PUR | Success Journal, Gratitude Journal 6 minutes daily for more success, serenity and mindfulness

Procrastinating is a vicious cyclehow Dr. Phillips describes it quite correctly: Mostly it is fear the emotion that drives you to not even tackle important tasks and instead distract you. If he distracts you now, fear increases, as do you more triggers negative moods, after all, you should actually be doing something else. After all, you may be criticizing yourself for having postponed another task: So you’re so tense that you are want to distract even more unconditionally, – and finally the vicious cycle.

Don’t criticize yourself. Try some of the tips from the rules. And don’t ban video games, because bans won’t make you happier either; if they work at all.

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