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A foldable Google Pixel smartphone coming soon?

A foldable Google Pixel smartphone coming soon?

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The rumors seem to be true. An internal document is said to indicate that Google could release a foldable Pixel smartphone in the next year.

The new details on upcoming Android devices can be traced back to an internal document that the page 9to5Google reported. In addition to the new Pixel 4a smartphone and the upcoming Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, the Pixel 5a and three other devices will appear. The three unknown devices are listed under the code names Raven, Oriole and Passport.

As the site speculates, Raven and Oriole could be Pixel 6 models. However, it is particularly interesting with the Passport device, which is explicitly supposed to be a foldable model. All devices should be listed in the document for the fourth quarter of 2021. The first reports about plans for a foldable Google smartphone were already circulating last year. So far, however, no model has made the leap onto the market.

As 9to5Google indicates, the analyzed internal document should also be treated with caution. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet. In addition, the internal document is primarily intended to serve the development of Android. The plans listed in it do not necessarily have to coincide with those of the hardware department of Google, as can be seen in the article. Google itself has not yet commented on the rumors.

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