Possibly this, but no later than next year, the industry is expecting a new iPad Air. We can now see how this would look if all rumors are true, in sketched pictures.

Apple’s tablet portfolio is broad: there is the very affordable iPad with a 10.2-inch display, a small mini with a 7.9-inch display, the pros with 11 and 12.9 inches and the current middle class – the iPad Air, based on the old Pro with 10.5 inches. According to rumors, this could receive a comprehensive revision in the next few months.

Image: svetapple.sk.

iPad Air 2020 with elements of Apple’s Pro tablets

The makers of the Slovakian Apple site “svetapple.sk” now give us a first idea of ​​the future redesign with their concept images. The following features from the rumor mill are likely to characterize the revised form:

  • The display should grow to 11 inches, not an OLED, but a classic LCD or the new mini LEDs as an alternative. The concept shows a full format as we know it from the iPad Pro – very chic and much more modern than the currently very fat borders.
  • There is support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, which can also be magnetically charged on the case side, just like the Pro.
  • Lightning has had its day, long live USB-C.
Image: svetapple.sk.
  • Unlike the Pro, the new iPad Air 2020 would not be unlocked using Face ID, instead there’s the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) under the display. Ergo: No face ID, but still no home button – gesture control on the display would be given.
  • It remains with the single camera – dual cameras or even a LiDAR scanner would be missing in the iPad Air and understandably have to be left out for cost reasons.
  • The makers of the study expect slightly higher prices for such a new iPad Air for Europe – 599 euros as a starting point (previously 549 euros) are in there, but would be justifiable in view of the progress.

The new Air borrows some elements from the current iPad Pro, but not all, as can be seen in the information video from Apple:

Open question: does Apple dare?

In short: Should Apple really improve the iPad Air so massively, this could set new sales records. On the other hand, the distance to the even more expensive Pro models would also decrease. A new competitive situation would be conjured up. In this respect, it will be exciting to see whether Apple really dares and also presents the iPad Air 2020 with a touch of “Pro” in the same way.