A new alternative to TWRP: Pterodon Recovery Project

TWRP is possibly the best known name for the majority of users when we talk about custom recovery on Android. It is the most popular in Spain for a long time, although it is not the only option available. Since Pterodon Recovery Project is a new alternative to consider, it stands out for being a custom recovery that has been created from scratch.

Pterodon Recovery Project is a new project in recovery mode. It has a very attractive design, similar to that of a normal application, but it gives us some very interesting options, which makes it present itself as an alternative to other options such as TWRP.

This is the Pterodon Recovery Project

There is one aspect that makes the Pterodon Recovery Project different from other alternatives in this field, and it is that it uses the libaroma library. This is the same one used in the AROMA installer, and allows the creation of a recovery mode that looks similar to that of a normal app, in addition to giving us many aspects or functions that are expected from a normal app.

The capabilities it gives us are identical to the ones we have in other tools Similar. In its recovery mode functions we have the possibility of making system backups, deleting data, file manager, connection to a PC, in addition to being able to install ROM on the device. In this field, it meets what users are looking for.

In addition, at Pterodon Recovery Project we find some additional functions that make it different. On the one hand, its interface stands out for being highly customizable, so that each user can adapt it to their liking, even being able to adapt it if you have a phone with a notch. We can also use functions such as putting the phone to sleep, shortcuts to certain functions (flashlight, change the brightness of the screen) using the buttons.

Pterodon Recovery Project is under developmentFor this reason, not all functions are available and there may also be malfunctions of some of them, but this will be corrected as development continues. In any case, it is presented as a good alternative for TWRP, so it is sure that for many users on Android it is interesting.

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