A new hope? Berlin loosens distance rules for cinemas

© aerogondo - Fotolia.com
© aerogondo – Fotolia.com

The cinema industry is deeply in crisis: After the zero numbers of the Corona lockdown, distance regulations and the switch of the studios to direct streaming are making business mad for the operators. However, there is a signal of hope in the German capital.

Moviegoers in Berlin don’t have to keep their distance. So far, 1.50 meters are required, in future every second seat should be allowed to be occupied. The Senate agreed on this, as Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer (left) announced on Tuesday. Good ventilation and compliance with the mask requirement are required. The regulation should not initially apply to theaters and concert halls.

Cinema operators had called for the distance rules to be changed in order to be able to sell more tickets. The new regulation in Berlin provides for conditions that have proven themselves in many European countries, the association AG had declared last week.

The cinemas in Germany had closed for months in order to contain the spread of the novel corona virus. Different requirements now apply in each federal state. In addition, many film releases have been postponed. This applies, for example, to the remake of the Disney classic “Mulan”. The start has been postponed indefinitely. In the USA, the film will appear on a streaming service.

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