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A patent that gives real colors to Apple Pencil

A patent that gives real colors to Apple Pencil

A new patent filed by Apple could be the key to color sampling in Apple Pencil for use in drawings, digital art, and more. This week the Cupertino company filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office a patent named as: «Computer System With Color Sampling Stylus“Which translated quite literally would be something like” Computer system with color sampling pen “so it would be a color sensor or something similar on the tip.

Apple Pencil patent

A few days ago we saw a rumor that spoke directly of an Apple Pencil in darker color, in black, and now what we have on the table is a new patent that can offer a new sensor to the devices that located in the part of the toe will be able to detect colors on iPad and then add an on-screen color palette for the user to choose the one they want. This sensor would add several photodetectors capable of measuring light for different color channels.

But to explain in a simple way what this patent registered by the Cupertino company would be, we could capture all kinds of color swatches directly with a real life object and then by touching the iPad screen transmit them as is, with a unique color palette.

This is all very well but we already know that Patents and Apple is a delicate subject. This technology with a sensor at the tip of the Apple Pencil that allows us to bring the color of anything to the iPad directly looks good, but like all the patents registered by the brand, we may never see it in real life.

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