A speaker with screen and Google assistant for less than 40 euros

July is a month traditionally linked to sales and after the confinement experienced in Spain due to the coronavirus, it seems that stores have launched into it even more intensely to boost purchases.

One of them has been PC components, which these days is celebrating its PC Days with offers in certain products and categories.

Today we want to echo a product that curiously I bought myself a few weeks ago at a slightly higher cost, and it already seemed cheap. I mean the Lenovo Smart Clock, an alarm clock designed the nightstand.

This speaker has the Google assistant, screen ... and is worth less than 40 euros

The Lenovo Smart Clock has exclusive functions

This device works like a conventional alarm clock, being able to set the alarms through its touch screen using it to show us the time, or if we want a different design through our Google photos.

In addition, it has some very useful functions, such as the possibility of establishing a nap alarm, which will always sound at 20 minutes. On the back it has a full USB A port It is not useful to leave a cable connected to charge our mobile phone at night, without using another plug.

Google Assistant and much more

The system is also smart enough to know what lights we have linked to our bedroom and houses them in the notification curtain, so it is much easier to turn them on and off without using voice commands, in case someone is lying down On our side.

Of course, all the functions of the Google Assistant are integrated into this speaker.

This speaker has the Google assistant, screen ... and is worth less than 40 euros

This speaker drops in price more than 50%

The price of this accessory has been reduced in PCComponentes by 57%, from € 89.90 that it normally costs to 37.99 euros it costs now. If you were thinking of a smart speaker for your nightstand or for a small room or kitchen, this is a great option.