A WhatsApp account on several devices, the option already in testing

We have spent years asking WhatsApp It implements some basic functions, but without a doubt the number one is that they allow us to use our account on several devices at the same time. This feature could come very soon, it is already appearing in the latest Betas.

A phone number, a WhatsApp account, a single device. This has always been the case in this messaging application, it does not support the use of our account on several devices at the same time. At most, we can use WhatsApp Web (or the dedicated apps on PC and Mac).

However, a few months ago WABetaInfo discovered the first hints of multi-device support on WhatsApp and now we see more details and screenshots of the interface in the recent beta, where the option appears «Linked Devices »or linked devices.

Various devices linked to a WhatsApp account

This option of linked devices is in the gap currently occupied by the WhatsApp Web button and from it we could manage different devices associated with our WhatsApp account and from which, presumably, we could use the messaging app. This would include not only other smartphones, but also web browsers, computers or even Facebook Portal.

It is not yet clear how it would work or if it will be completely independent of the main smartphone (which would be ideal), but it is indicated that we would have a limit up to 4 devices linked simultaneously.

At the moment this appears in the latest WhatsApp betas, but we hope that soon we can enjoy it in its final version and that they finally allow us to simultaneously use the app on more than one mobile, tablets and other devices.

Let’s remember that just a few days ago WhatsApp announced up to 5 new functions within the application.

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