According to DigiTimes, the iPhone 12 will be presented in September

IPhone 12 mockup

The coronavirus pandemic has caused mmany delays in the iPhone 12 manufacturing plans, reason why many have been the rumors that the date of presentation for this year of the new iPhone could be delayed to October or, perhaps, November.

Today we wake up with a news that comes from the DigiTimes medium, a medium that has a 50% success rate, so you have to take it with tweezers. According to this medium, Apple’s plans go through unveil the new generation of iPhone 12 in September.

This medium claims that the pricing strategy that Apple has planned for the new iPhone 12 range, could play a very important role in relaunching of smartphone sales in the second half of 2020.

Given that the 5G phone segment is likely to become the main battleground of the global mobile phone market in the second half of 2020, the pricing strategies adopted by different providers, in particular Apple, will be crucial to see if their efforts They could stimulate smartphone sales in the second half of the year, according to industry observers.

If we consider that 5G technology will be more expensive, this will mean an increase in the price of the devices (something we have already seen in most manufacturers), so the pricing strategy stated by this medium is quite questionable, unless Apple does not include the charger and / or the charging cable.

Smartphone sales have suffered a severe blow in the last quarter due to the closure caused by the coronavirus. Companies are betting on implementing 5G in most of their terminals as pmain claim, although the coverage is currently very limited in almost all the world.

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