According to the latest rumor, the iPhone 12 Pro will be managed by 6 GB of RAM

IPhone 12 mockup

During the months leading up to the launch of the iPhone 11, many were the rumors that Apple could increase the RAM of the Pro models to 6 GB, a rumor that was not finally fulfilled. As expected as the presentation date of the new iPhone 12 range approaches, this rumor has returned.

According to @ L0vetodream, who was correct in many of his predictions related to the new features that we would find in iOS 14, and that Apple presented on June 22, the new range of iPhone 12 Pro, only this one, will be managed by 6 GB of RAM.

The rest of the models, some rumors suggest that Apple will launch up to 4 different versions, it will be managed by 4 GB of RAM, like the models that we can currently find in the market. These 2 GB of extra RAM will allow these models improve not only performance but also multitasking on devices, although on the iPhone it makes little sense.

The new iPad Pro 2020 range is managed by 6 GB of RAM, an increase in memory that allows these devices to take full advantage of both the size of the screen and the additional functions that are not available to us on the iPhone.

The latest rumors related to the new iPhone 12 range, suggest that the 120Hz screen refresh, may not be available in the end, a refresh rate that we can currently find on very few Android devices.

IPhone 12 Design

Regarding design, one of the status issues for many users, everything points to Apple will adapt the design of the current iPad Pro in the new iPhone 12 range, a design that, again according to various rumors, we will also find in the new iMac range that Apple plans to launch later this year.

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