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Achievements in the Epic Games Store Now available for "Certain Games" – WePC

Achievements in the Epic Games Store Now available for "Certain Games" – WePC

A short clip showing the function in action – with Ark: Survival Evolved as a guinea pig – accompanies the tweet, but otherwise we still don’t know how it works and which games trigger a morally boosting performance popup.

Apart from the short tweet, Epic Games has unfortunately not yet released any further details about its success. We tried to put it together ourselves. Those who replied on Twitter were more than pleased to announce that Epic had taken the time to implement the feature.

A quick walk through the Epic Games Store doesn’t show any shiny new performance sections on the store pages, including Ark: Survival Evolved, and there’s nothing in the library either.

Interestingly, Trello’s success continues to be listed as “Up Next”, which means that Epic tests the water very hard here instead of confirming full integration. The provisional language used in the tweet suggests this.

Nevertheless, it is certainly a step in the right direction, even though the features and functions of the Games Store are light years behind the dominant achievements of Steam – Valve almost thirteen years ago in late 2007. Many basic functions are still missing in the Epic Game Store. But this is at least a step in the right direction. Maybe next could be a shopping cart, user reviews, and an advanced controller input system like Steam Input.

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