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Add nicknames to iPhone contacts

by Tejas Dhawan

Add a nickname to a contact on iPhone makes it quite easy to recognize a particular contact from many. People like to give nicknames to their friends to show their affection. If you also have a nice pet name for your friend and want to add nicknames for iPhone contacts, here’s how to do it!

Add nickname to contact on iPhone

  1. Open Contacts app and tap the personal name.
  2. Then tap Edit.
    Open Contacts app on iPhone and tap Edit
  3. Scroll down and tap Add fieldNickname.
    Tap Add field and select nickname
  4. Now under “Last Name”, you will see an option for “Nickname”. Tap it, type the desired nicknameand finally tap Done top right.
    Add nicknames and tap done

How to set iPhone for nicknames

Short names and nicknames are also shown (instead of full names) in Messages, Mail, Phone and some third party apps. They are enabled by default on iPhone and iPad. But to make sure it’s turned on, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings app on your iPhone and tap Contacts.
    Open iPhone Settings and tap on Contacts
  2. Tap on Short name.
  3. To turn on the switch in front Prefer nicknames.
    Set the iPhone to nicknames

Note: If you use an Exchange account for your contacts and see random numbers and letters instead of the contact’s name, you should disable “Prefer nicknames”. To do this, follow the steps above and turn off the switch.

Delete nickname from a contact on iPhone

You have added a nickname to a contact on iPhone, but for some reason you don’t want it anymore. How do you remove it?

  1. Open Contacts app and select the contact with nickname.
  2. Tap on Edit → Tap on nickname field.
    Open the iPhone Contacts app and select Contact by Nickname
  3. Next oneap op small (x) cross to remove. Finally, tap Done top right. The nickname has been successfully removed.
    Remove nickname from a contact on iPhone

That’s all folks.

Sign out …

For example, you could add nicknames to contacts and set your iPhone to show them instead of regular names. It’s a useful trick to know, just like merging duplicate iPhone contacts.

What is your opinion? Are you planning to nickname some of your contacts too? Give your opinion in the comments below.

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