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advantages they offer compared to buying new phones

advantages they offer compared to buying new phones


When it comes to reconditioned products, there is a lot of black legend about them. Others still think that they are defective devices, that they have less guarantee or that they do not come with all the parts. These are just some of the misconceptions about reconditioning. For this reason, we are going to clear all the doubts you may have about it so that you know clearly what it is and what it means to buy a mobile or refurbished product, and why it is one of the great options that you always have to consider before going for one. new.

What does and does not have a reconditioned mobile?

This type of products has a great advantage that usually attracts attention: the price. If you look at a marketplace Solvency, like Back Market, we can find prices between 30% and 70% cheaper than the new equivalent models. For example, among the offer on this website, we find iPhone X with prices up to 45% cheaper than new (€ 435 instead of € 795).

On the other hand, reconditioned is far from the same as second-hand products: reconditioned products are checked, cleaned and packaged, always coming with compatible accessories. In addition, in Back Market, they offer the same services that we would have when purchasing a new product: there are 30 days of right of withdrawal (during which the product is refunded in case you change your mind), all items include a 2-year warranty and they have been restored by certified professionals, who must meet the quality levels imposed by Back Market to achieve the name of reconditioned, being much more than a “pre-owned”.

mobile repair

This difference is important. A reconditioned is not a used product. A device of these characteristics has been treated by a reconditioner, which prepares it before launching it back to the market, ensuring that it is fully functional.

Last but not least, restored products have a positive impact on the planet. By consuming reconditioned, you contribute to reducing the need for production on the one hand and prolongs the life of devices that, if they had not ended up in a landfill, thus saving tons of electronic waste to the planet. Only in the Back Market, previously mentioned, the dumping of 1,700 tons of electronic waste to the planet and the waste of 72 mega-tons of raw materials (counting the minerals and rare earths that are part of our devices) have been avoided.

Why is it important where you buy a reconditioned mobile?

Not only do you have to look for a site that has the reconditioned label on its website, you have to know how to distinguish where to buy a refurbished mobile with a guarantee. We continue with the example of Back Market, which in addition to telephones allows you to easily and comfortably find thousands of products from other categories such as tablets, laptops, cameras, smartwatches, drones, scooters, game consoles, accessories, headphones or even household appliances.

Faced with the fear that may exist when buying a second-hand or resale product online, this portal offers all the guarantees and services that the purchase of a new device may have. We check it by taking a tour of its website:

Back Market web

They inform us of services such as the two-year guarantee or its condition as an online sales platform in which sellers and reconditioners are selected with a demanding process of testing and quality control. In fact, they have direct contact with the brands and their catering services, as is the case with Apple, which has an official Apple refurbishment section.

To get an idea of ​​the quality requirements, of the 1,000 sellers on the platform, all are professionals under the control of Back Market that continuously monitor them, publicly showing customer evaluations and making them spend periods of test before finally accepting them on the platform. According to the information on the web, only one in three sellers who request it manages to join the platform. This gives confidence when buying.

Among its policies is also the possibility of returning the product in up to 30 days if we are not convinced by having the right to a direct refund. One of the great advantages over the second hand is that secure payment methods are used and there is the possibility of financing the purchase with payment in installments or paying by Paypal.

Another point that gives confidence is that they are 100% transparent: they explain what you are buying at all times and it is you who choose the external state of the device. We always talk about the external aspect, do not panic: all products work perfectly. What varies is its external appearance: you can choose between practically new models and others that, due to having some scratches on the casing, are much cheaper. Of course, everything is clear meridian on the product page or in its section What is Back Market? so that it is bought with all the information.

Back Market web

This means that we can find a product that offers the same as those that are sold by new top-tier brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc. but at prices that allow us to access mobiles of higher ranges at a price that is within our reach such as those of Apple (iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR or iPhone 8 Plus) as well as large Android terminals that are still very powerful and are at very attractive prices such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Huawei P20 Pro.

If by opting for a reconditioned mobile we can buy a top brand model, both last generation and previous, at much more reasonable prices, with all the guarantees and also contributing to the environment, what reason is there not to do so? None.

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