After a delay: New Kathrein DAB Plus radios now available

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The delivery of the digital radio series was actually already announced for June, now it’s finally here: Kathrein DS is launching three different DAB Plus receivers with various additional functions – and wants to score with the customer with high quality.

For most people, radios with real wood veneer tend to be part of fuzzy youth memories – even before the ever-increasing short-lived nature of the consumer electronics division. While most products come in windy lightweight garments today, the German company Kathrein DS wants to place itself on the market with its new digital radio series via the factor of processing quality. The following devices are already in the delivery:

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The DAB + 1 mini (RRP 139 EUR) is a DAB + / FM radio in a compact, classic form with OLED display, integrated Bluetooth receiver for wireless audio streaming and an acoustically coordinated wooden housing. For network-independent, portable use, it has an integrated lithium battery, including an LED display for battery charge status and Bluetooth connection. You can also play your own music via the radio’s AUX input. The device is available in four different designs: in white or silver lacquered real wood and in dark or light real wood veneer.

Kathrein DS delivers a portable DAB + / Internet / FM radio with Bluetooth receiver DAB + 10 tower (RRP EUR 269) in black. In addition to digital DAB + and analogue VHF radio programs, it should also be able to play Internet radio offers via WLAN – including services such as Spotify, Deezer and Napster. According to the manufacturer, 10 stations can be saved per reception path, the sound comes from a 10 watt (RMS) speaker and all information about the music appears on the backlit 2.4-inch display. The DAB + 10 tower can also be controlled via the Undok app (iOS / Android), even a connection via Bluetooth and NFC pairing is possible. Thanks to the manually switchable battery / rechargeable charging slot, this radio can also be used portably and is equipped with an AUX input and a headphone jack.

At the DAB + 100 highline (RRP 539 EUR) in black is a stereo all-in-one system for the reception of Internet, DAB + and FM radio offers, the possibility of playing music via Bluetooth and an integrated CD drive. Whether digital or analog radio with 10 memory spaces per reception path, music streaming services such as Spotify, Napster or Deezer, your favorite CD, MP3 and WMA files or any Bluetooth player – the DAB + Highline should bring all of these possibilities. Kathrein also offers the prospect of recording and time-shifted playback of music via SD card or USB stick. A backlit 3.2 inch color display should ensure clarity and two integrated speakers with 7 watts of power each for sufficient sound. In addition to a remote control, this product can also be operated using the Undok app (iOS / Android). The connection options should then “leave nothing to be desired” with AUX-In, headphones, SD card, USB port, Ethernet (RJ-45), line-out, optical output and NFC coupling – the manufacturer Kathrein DS convinced.

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