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After a long wait: Season 12 "Doctor Who" comes to Fox from today

After a long wait: Season 12 "Doctor Who" comes to Fox from today

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Finally, the new season “Doctor Who” is also broadcast in Germany. Sci-Fi fans can now look forward to new time travel adventures on Fox.

The actual start date for the 12th season of “Doctor Who” was April 16. Although the broadcaster Fox did not give reasons for the shift, it is reasonable to assume that fans had to wait longer for the new episodes (keyword: synchronization) due to the corona pandemic.

Now the time has come: In season 12 of the longest running sci-fi series in the world, Jodie Whittaker will also take on the role of the lively time traveler. As the first female embodiment of the doctor, Whittaker has become a fan favorite. She is accompanied by three friends, whom she met in space and time on her adventures and took with her on trips. In addition to the regular cast, the new season will also feature Stephen Fry (“Sherlock Holmes: Game in the Shadow”), Sir Lenny Henry (“Broadchurch”) and Robert Glenister (“Spooks – In the Sights of the M15”).

The very first episode “Spyfall” already delivers everything “Doctor Who” has been making for decades: captivating characters, blockbuster looks and many alien dangers. Together they meet the disembodied Kasaavin, for example. This alien species can move effortlessly through any obstacle and wants to take over the universe using DNA manipulation. In addition, the judoon, a police riot consisting of rhinoceros-like beings who work for the intergalactic “shadow proclamation”, cause chaos. With enough humor and drama, the doctor and her companions try to save the universe and also meet their archenemy: the “master”, played by Sacha Dhawan.

The 12th season of “Doctor Who” can be seen exclusively on Fox on Thursdays at 9 p.m. There you can choose between the English original and the German dubbed version. The season comprises a total of ten episodes, which are then also available via Sky Go, Sky On Demand, Sky Ticket, MagentaTV as well as Vodafone Select and GigaTV.

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