After Disney takeover: Fox remains "adult" series channel

Diana Krepold, Fox Channel Director

Diana Krepold, Channel Director Fox, speaks to DIGITAL FERNSEHEN about favorite series, the station takeover by Disney and the latest program highlights from the series Fox.

DIGITAL TELEVISION: Ms. Krepold, you have been Channel Director at Fox for almost twelve years, before that you were Senior Manager Premiere Series (or Sky). So over the years you’ve worked with a lot of series. Have a few favorite series crystallized out for you personally?

There were many favorite series such as Deadwood, Lost, Mad Men or Shameless. My current favorite is clearly “The Good Fight”. The fight started in 2017 and America’s Twitter president is the all-time topic of the lawyer series. Intelligent, snappy, cool, elegant and sometimes hilariously, “The Good Fight” is always very close to the pulse of time. I am very curious to see whether the law firm will spend season 5 in the home office and how the US election will be processed in the fall.

How does the Disney takeover of Fox affect your program offering? And will the station still be called Fox?

The proven program positioning remains the same: grown-up, courageous and captivating entertainment with series that dare to do something! There are currently no plans to rename the station. However, the takeover created a gigantic media group. That could make access to in-house new productions and a really immense program stock a little easier in the future.

Several horror series approved for ages 18 and over, such as “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story”, have been running successfully on Fox for years. Do horror fans really have to be afraid that there will be cut episodes (as is so often the case on free TV) or does everything remain completely uncut?

Don’t worry, we will of course stay true to ourselves on this point and will not cut in the future either. We have the greatest respect for the freedom of art, for the creative and, of course, for the fans and viewers as well. With pre-lock and PIN, we have effective means at our disposal in pay TV to protect children and young people from unsuitable content.

Alex Garland is best known to film fans as the director of the highly acclaimed science fiction gems “Ex Machina” and “Erasure”. He was also able to demonstrate his talent as a writer with Danny Boyle’s “The Beach”, “28 Days Later” and “Sunshine”. Now his first science fiction series “Devs” starts on August 19th exclusively on the Fox Channel. What do you think, what are the advantages of the series format for Garland’s latest work?

The two-hour film format was too tight for the horror trip “Extinction”, which is based on the book trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. The material is very complex and could easily have been enough for a mini-series. With “Devs” Garland has enough time and space this time to create a whole universe of his own. The series format opens up fascinating freedom and the possibility of telling a story in a much more complex way.

Have you already had a look? How do you like “Devs”?

It was love at first sight and a must-have for Fox. This Silicon Valley story has very tangible crime elements with murder and industrial espionage, but it also raises philosophical questions about the consequences of determinism: do we have free will or can our behavior and the future be calculated? A wild ride, told acoustically and visually in an extremely elegant and cool manner.

The brand new twelfth season of the British cult series “Doctor Who” is currently running on Fox Channel. How do you like the current 13th doctorate, Jodie Whittaker, and do you have a favorite doctor?

I really like Jodie Whittaker as a Doctor. The idea that the doctor incarnates as a woman is simply welcome and timely. All in all, however, I am a little lacking the charming British “Doctor Who madness” of previous seasons. This is less because of Jodie Whittaker than because of the storytelling, which is now aimed more at a global audience.
My personal favorite is by far the 11th Doctor Matt Smith. With him the Timelord came to Fox. A very special moment was the farewell to Matt Smith in the Christmas special 2013 “The Doctor’s Time”.

In the crime series “Death In Paradise”, too, the main actors change every two to three seasons. What do you think, why is the series so well received by the audience in the ninth season despite the changing characters? Is it the classic crime thriller structure or is it more the culture clash charm between the British narrow-mindedness and the heavenly holiday flair?

The doctor has shown it: fluctuation also works under palm trees. Who wouldn’t want to be transported to the Caribbean for a while – to friendly colleagues, with a sunny weather forecast, with a house on the beach? The murders are comparatively bloodless, but you have to be a Detective Inspector to be able to present a resolution in the best Hercule Poirot manner at the end of each episode. We have been practicing this for 9 seasons and we always grope in the dark on the murder hunt.

What other series are you on the Fox Channel in the next few months?

From September 1st, Fox will present the star-studded miniseries “Mrs. America “. Autumn will be exciting with “The Gloaming” and action-packed with “Strike Back”. And after a summer that many have probably spent at home, “Gap Year” takes us on a backpacking trip through Asia. Many productions were delayed by Corona, so the exact broadcast dates of the new seasons of “The Walking Dead”, “War of the Worlds”, “Snowfall” and “American Horror Story” have unfortunately not yet been set.

Thank you for the interview.

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