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After PS Plus gift: Many PS4 players are disappointed

After PS Plus gift: Many PS4 players are disappointed

With the tenth anniversary of PS-Plus, Sony made a big splash and even distributed gifts in the form of a credit to PS4 players – although the publisher omits a number of players, which causes disappointment in the community.

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Sony presents PS4 players, but it annoys part of the community.

Sony is currently celebrating the tenth anniversary of PS Plus. It is a paid service that promises subscribers exclusive discounts on games, monthly PS4 games to download and benefits in online multiplayer gaming. In order to share the joy with the subscribers, Sony recently gave away a credit worth 10 euros. However, some were left out.

In 2020 and 2021 there are some darlings waiting for us.

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If you were chosen at random and were surprised with the money gift, you were very lucky because Sony does not reward all subscribers. While some are very happy, others are looking into the tube, which is currently leading to numerous discussions at Reddit. It is not known whether certain conditions had to be met for the campaign – so it is clear that the disappointment is great.

What do you say about the action? Do you happen to be one of the lucky winners? Let us know in the comments.

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