After Tele5: Discovery "open for further expansion"

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Discovery recently announced the acquisition of free TV broadcaster Tele5, and there are more details on new program content in the company’s broadcaster portfolio. The fact that there are further acquisitions and expansions seems anything but impossible.

At a first digital press conference, the Discovery family presented the planned innovations and program prospects for the near future in a good mood. The hoped-for details of the recently announced takeover of Tele5 did not initially exist – after all, the business was a done deal, but one had to wait for the blessing of all the necessary instances. What will now happen in terms of personnel, content and technology in the TV home of Oliver Kalkofes trash experts and various retro reruns remains unknown for the time being.

Otherwise there were prospects for the program. So have with HGTV Filming for the first German in-house production began one year after the launch of the station: “House of the Year”. The program will be led by the team made up of Eva Brenner and Guido Heinz Frinken, who were also involved in the press conference and were able to provide a moody introduction to the format.

“Much more live sport”

Eurosport is also strengthening itself with a new trio of experts for autumn cycling: Jens Voigt, Rolf Aldag and Bernhard Eisel are joining the Eurosport “Home of Cycling” team and will analyze cycling highlights for the spectators, including the three large tours Tour de France (29.08. – 20.09.), Giro d’Italia (03.- 25.10.) And Vuelta a España (20.10. – 08.11.). In addition, Gernot Bauer from Discovery promised “much more live sport” – especially in the context of world-class tennis (French Open) and motorsport. Regarding the integration of the Eurosport player into the online platform Joyn, there was no news due to Corona.

For TLC was also joined by sexologist Jana Welch her new series “Sextape – And how do you do it?” presented. What helps frustrated couples to bring new momentum into established relationships. The self-made video recordings from the relationship and love life of the couple should also play a role.

Discovery looks at “all available rights”

When asked by DIGITAL TERNSEHEN regarding any further expansion plans on the German free TV market, Discovery spokeswoman Daniela Allgayer-Koreimann did not say anything specific, but promising: You “generally look at all available rights” and “are always open to further expansion.” “.

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