After the success of Greyhound, Apple wants to continue offering "blockbusters" on its platform


Greyhound, the movie written and starring Tom Hanks, which Apple bought from Sony for about $ 80 million, has become the biggest success of Apple’s streaming video platform, largely due to the fact that the cinemas of almost the whole world are still closed and those that are open, do so with very few seats available.

This success, it seems that has fueled Apple’s ambitions and according to the Fast Company media, they want to follow the same steps as Netflix, releasing a movie every month. At the moment, Apple has already taken control of the film Emancipation, starring Will Smith, although it will not be released until the end of next year.

One the rocks, movie starring Bill Murray and directed by Sofia Coppola It is another of Apple’s big bets in film format along with the new project by Martin Scorsese.

According to this media, Apple continues probing Hollywood studios to buy attractive movies for the general public. Apple, like almost all streaming video services, has never reported the audience for its series and movies, let alone the numbers corresponding to the number of subscribers it has today.

A number that is not real, since many of these users are taking advantage of the free year that Apple gives to all those users who acquire any iPhone, iPad or Mac. After this year, it would be necessary to see how many of those users will agree to pay the 4.99 euros per month that it costs.

Okay, it’s not money, but the available catalog is still very small And the one who is enjoying this service since its launch on November 1, most likely, has already consumed all the content available. Time will tell.

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