After the Wirecard crash, the European bank Boon closes and abandons Apple Pay

It was the first neo-bank with which we tested Apple Pay, Boon, a British bank under the umbrella of the Germans Wirecard He offered us a virtual card that we could add to Apple Pay and with it be the first to try Apple Pay in Spain. Now after several scandals of his Wirecard matrix, Boon says goodbye, will stop operating in a few months. After the jump we tell you more about the closing of the Boon brand, one of the first neo-banks that we could try on Apple Pay from Spain.

As you can see in the previous tweet, The boys of Boom have just announced that on October 3, 2020 their services will stop working. An announcement that is prompted by the scandals that have surrounded Wirecard, Boom’s banking livelihood, and one of the largest bank card marketers in Europe. Some scandals that led to Wirecard to financial insolvency, and therefore all the brands that have been operating alongside Wirecard are seeing the same future as the fintech German.

What’s the matter with him money users have in Boon? Well We should move it as soon as possible. We can use our Boon account normally until its closing on October 3, but it is convenient that during this time we move the balance that we have in our account. Once we have our account at € 0.00 we can also close the account ourselves and anticipate the Boon closing date. Bad news, which augurs the future of others fintechHave we experienced a bubble of banking companies after the arrival of smartphones? We will see what happens …

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