AGF measured viewing time for streaming services for the first time

© Artur Marciniec -
© Artur Marciniec –

AGF video research is expanding its range measurement. With the “AGF Smart Meter” project, the aim is to be able to check the average daily viewing time for streaming services.

The GfK market research institute developed a measurement router technology for the project on behalf of the AGF. This then records the use of streaming offers such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix on smart TVs, as the AGF announced. The measurement should initially evaluate the use of seven target groups. In the future, according to the AGF, they want to extend them to other target groups, offers and end devices. The measurement routers should already regularly deliver data from around 590 AGF panel households with over 1,200 people.

During the measurement, special measurement routers are installed in the households and connected to a smart TV. In these households, one should then be able to record the streaming use of every person living in the household via the panelists’ personal registration. This is a crucial difference to purely device-based measurement approaches that do not provide personal information, according to a press release. By the end of the year, GfK is to equip around 1,000 households with the new measurement technology.

For streaming providers themselves, the effort should be minimized. An integration of measurement software, as is the case with Nielsen, for example, is not necessary. In the future, the technology should also enable the measurement of all other devices. For example, the use of streaming offers via smartphone and tablet. However, the consent of the panelists for the measurement is a basic requirement.

The first numbers are available

Video research published the first data yesterday. For example, the first report available for June says that those aged 14 and over watch an average of 7 minutes of Netflix a day on Smart TV. Prime video was seen on average 4 minutes a day on big screens, YouTube 3 minutes a day. As a comparison, the AGF specifies the use of the TV content (linear and non-linear) for all devices. In June this target group is expected to average 216 minutes per day. The classic TV content still accounts for the largest part of the use by far, says Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf, CEO of AGF Video Research.

The target group comparison showed that the 13-29 year olds had the highest average viewing time on Netflix on TV sets with 12 minutes per day. The report also shows that people in the screened households use YouTube less on the big screen than Netflix. According to Niederauer-Kopf, this also confirms the results that the AGF sees in various survey studies.

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