Agreement between MásMóvil and Amazon: promotions and exclusive benefits

This agreement will allow customers of the MásMóvil Group to have priority access to the launch of Amazon products and services in Spain, including those that are in pre-commercial testing phase. For example, MásMóvil will participate in the launch of Audible in Spain, its platform for podcasts and digital books to listen to, and will also develop new Skills for Alexa, among others.

Priority access on Amazon for MásMóvil customers

MásMóvil will also have a significant presence at Amazon digital events. In periods like Black Friday or CyberMonday, MásMóvil will also have a promotional presence important.

Amazon had already been quite receptive to operators, as it currently offers Amazon Prime on operators. Vodafone users have the possibility to enjoy all the advantages of Amazon Prime if they contract the Serielovers pack. In addition, they started a promotion last year where they gave it away for one or two years depending on the pack that was contracted. However, currently the only option to get Amazon Prime on Vodafone is through Serielovers, which includes numerous other advantages such as HGBO Spain, FOXNOX or AXN Now, among many other channels.

Orange, meanwhile, also currently offers up to 24 months free of Amazon Prime at Love and Go rates. Thus, with the Love Lite, Initial, Medium and Half Max rates, 12 months of Amazon Prime are given away, while those of Love Unlimited, which includes unlimited data on mobile, are given for 24 months. With mobile-only rates, the only one Amazon Prime gives away is Go Top, at 24 months.

MásMóvil already sold rates on Amazon in 2016

In addition to the priority access of MásMóvil, a collaboration is also established with Amazon Family and Amazon Business, specific Amazon programs that will allow all the clients of the MásMóvil Group to access savings and discounts for families, SMEs, companies and the self-employed.

This is not the first time that Amazon and MásMóvil have reached an agreement, since in February 2016 both parties announced the marketing of MásMóvil rates directly on, with rates that started at that time from 5 euros per month with 1 GB of data called at 0 cents.

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