Airbus air taxi in test operation from August

Airbus city taxi

With insightful infographic – Airbus plans to begin testing its air taxi model at the test airport in Manching in Bavaria shortly.

The CityAirbus will be relocated from the helicopter plant in Donauwörth, Swabia, to the airfield just outside Ingolstadt at the end of August, a company spokesman said on Monday during a visit by Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) to Donauwörth.

Airbus had previously tested the demonstration flying object with short flights in Donauwörth; further flights are possible in Manching. Airbus has been working on the passenger drone for several years. The city of Ingolstadt is to become a model region for air taxis in the future. Other manufacturers are also currently working on the technology and plan to launch such aircraft in the next few years.

The CityAirbus is an electric aircraft with eight rotors that can take off and land vertically. It is intended to transport up to four passengers on fixed routes without pilots and, for example, take them from city centers to airports. The small passenger airbus would not be a real flight taxi. Because the flight route cannot be chosen freely by the passengers.

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  • df-airbus-citytaxi: Airbus helicopter

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