AirPods alternative creates where the original fails

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Apple has to sit in detention: The new Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung come off much better in an intensive investigation by iFixit. That doesn’t say anything about the sound – but Samsung has done its homework surprisingly well with the AirPods alternative.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: AirPods alternative scores in repairability

Samsung just launched its new wireless headphones. Now the experts at iFixit have taken a closer look at the Galaxy Buds Live. The company’s own repairability index is almost completely knocked out, which certainly not everyone would have expected: The small “bean” headphones from Samsung get 8 out of 10 possible points. Apple would certainly have been happy about such a result with its AirPods Pro – but it scored an extremely weak 0 points in the end.

Samsung has simply done better with the Galaxy Buds Live, so the conclusion of iFixit. Instead of sticking everything together, the buds can simply be opened using a mechanism. Ordinary tools are also sufficient to be able to take apart the buds. Apple’s AirPods require special tools that can only be found in well-stocked toolboxes. The list of advantages with wireless headphones from Samsung goes even further: Batteries are easy to access and replace, and the device itself is pleasingly modular.

But why it wasn’t enough for the full number of points in the Galaxy Buds Live is also explained. In the case of internal components, the manufacturer apparently couldn’t keep its hands off the glue, even if the use wasn’t excessive. Since the inner workings of the buds appear to be quite fragile, you have to be careful with tiny cables, as these can be easily damaged.

In the video you can see how ANC sounds in practice:

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live with ANC

With the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has introduced small in-ear headphones for the first time that have active noise cancellation (Active Noice Canceling, ANC). They can now be pre-ordered in bronze, white and black and will be delivered from August 21, 2020. At the beginning, Samsung would like to have 179.90 euros for the headphones. For the AirPods Pro you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

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