AirPods from Apple – what's good for the offer?

Image source: GIGA

So far, anyone looking for AirPods at Aldi has primarily found cheap, optical copies. But now the discounter finally has the original Apple in the “shop window”. But how good is the offer? GIGA clarifies and gives clear advice.

As of Thursday, July 2nd, the original AirPods of the 2nd generation will be available in the branches of Aldi Süd. You then only have to pay 139 euros. At Apple, the popular earphones naturally cost a lot more – a whopping 174.45 euros in the Apple Store. This price comparison does not really make sense, as we can get the Apple earphones in stores either way cheaper. So the real question is: does Aldi have the best price?

Apple’s AirPods at Aldi Süd: Not the best offer – the market beats discounters

In a nutshell: They have not, as a look at the current price comparison reveals. There are prices of less than 130 euros, but there are still some shipping costs. Including delivery, they are cheaper even at Amazon, currently only 135.39 euros – Aldi Süd cannot keep up. Ergo: Potential customers do not have to wait for the offer in the first week of July at the discounter, but can already buy cheaper.

The price sensation is not that big after all (Image: Aldi Süd brochure)

Is it worth buying the AirPods?

But depending on that, are the 2nd generation AirPods worthwhile at all? The standard version is available here. Means: The enclosed charging case must be charged by cable, the wireless alternative costs more – for example, at Amazon just under 170 euros. But if you can do without this option, you can confidently choose the standard version. It also has the new H1 chip from Apple for a better connection to iPhone and Co. It also supports “Hey Siri” – just say the two magic words and the iPhone voice assistant will listen and be at your service.

A current comparison of the different AirPods models:

Are there any disadvantages? Well, we have to forego actively reducing the ambient noise, which is only available with the more expensive AirPods Pro. But they have also become cheaper, for example at Amazon only 219 euros, for a long time they were only available at the official Apple price of almost 280 euros.

The bottom line: The “simple” AirPods should be enough for most users. By the way, they still have an advantage over the Pro. If you get lost, it doesn’t hurt the wallet so much – after all.

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