To be honest, I hardly ever turn to Siri, instead, I speak to Alexa several times a day. It has been more than a year since I bought an Amazon Echo, mostly because of the curiosity of the invention, being a little skeptical to think that a device that lives off the internet and does not have a screen would not be very practical.

As of today, I have two Echos at home, one in the kitchen and one in the living room, and I speak to Alexa several times a day. Everyone at home talks to her as if she were one of the family. It has become an essential device in our day to day. And now it seems that Alexa is going to enter the Siri domains hard.

The Verge has just published an article explaining that Amazon has just launched a new application called “beta” to a limited number of developers.Alexa for Apps ».

The novelty of this application is that thanks to it, Alexa will be able to open and control third-party apps on iOS, a power that until now has only been the native Apple voice assistant: Siri.

This means that Amazon wants its voice assistant to be able to work on other devices that are not the brand’s own, such as the family of Echo speakers or the Fire Stick from Amazon.

It has already been shown that in its beta phase, the application is capable of open the TikTok app and automatically start recording a video, or open Twitter and search for a specific hashtag.

This is in addition to the new ability that Alexa has gained on iOS devices. Now you can talk to her without having to touch the iPhone to open your application. It seems that Amazon wants to undo Siri from Apple devices, will it?