Alien evening at ZDFneo – DIGITAL TELEVISION


In the late seventies and full eighties, films with extraterrestrials boomed thanks to “Star Wars” and “E.T.” Two different US feature films from this period can be seen on ZDFneo’s evening program today.

g ‘- a’ – f ’- f – c’ – In 1977, millions of cinema-goers could no longer get this tone sequence out of their heads. And it was Steven Spielberg’s fault: “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was the second blockbuster film by this Hollywood genius. Together with the “Star Wars” released in the same year, the drama about a UFO landing in Wyoming marked the beginning of science fiction entertainment as we know it today.

Cameraman Vilmos Zsigmond was almost fired while filming because he overexposed the footage excessively with tremendously powerful light sources. It is precisely this blinding effect that is what made this work so characteristic. Zsigmond was the only one involved to receive an Oscar. After all, the wonderful film music by John Williams was honored with a Grammy. The film will run on ZDFneo at 9:55 p.m. today.

Before that, another US feature film with space reference can be seen on the specialty channel. In the sci-fi comedy “My stepmother is an alien” Dan Akroyd and Kim Basinger come closer. One of the two is a seductive alien.

The film is also repeated again after “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.[dpa/bey]

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