All about wireless headphones

All about wireless headphones

Listening to music when we play sports or move helps a lot. But when you get tangled up in cables, or spend too much time untangling them, you might think twice about getting them out of the house. For some time we have been witnessing the boom of the wireless or cordless headphones. They are small, manageable, portable and in many cases smart. But which are the best? What prices are we talking about? What functions do they bring with them? All the answers to these questions are in this week’s podcast.

Only last year, in Spain, they have been sold more than 2 million headphones of all kinds. And there is quite a variety, even among those who are wireless. We find them as buttons, which completely dispense with a headband. They are inserted into the ears and, hanging or not, they stay there to connect with our mobile phone via Bluetooth. But there are also headbands. And not only the classics that have had the cable removed, there are also sports ones, with a necklace format. All of them oscillating between 50 and 300 euros in price. And it depends a lot on the technology they include. Each manufacturer has theirs, although you should pay attention to those of Apple, Huawei, Bose, Samsung and Denon that we talked about in our podcast this week.

And what is that technology? Well, mainly some extra microphone to apply the Noise Cancellation. Something that can also be done directly by software, trying to “clean” or separate the music or sound from the headset with respect to noise or sound from the user’s environment. But there is also the presence of voice assistants from Google, Amazon and Apple. In this way, and without manipulating the mobile phone, with a voice command, you can do things with these headphones: control playback, ask a question, ask for directions to get somewhere … Issues that can be controlled with physical buttons or by pressing about some of these headphones that have touch sensors.

But beware, there is also a very important point: the autonomy. When operating wirelessly they depend on their batteries. They have “batteries” both in the headphones and in the boxes in which they are transported, in the case of the button. That’s why you have to look at this data, which ranges from 3.5 hours on a single charge, but which can increase up to 20 hours of music playback with new charges from the box in which they are transported. Headphones, meanwhile, offer even more autonomy and sound quality. After all, they are bigger and have more space for this technology.

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