All Apple suppliers will stop using coal in 2030

Carbon footprint on the planet

Apple has demonstrated on many occasions, its position in defense of the environment, like many other large companies. For a couple of years, Apple stopped consuming energy from coal, however, many of the suppliers along with the assembly lines of their products, still They continue to use this polluting material as an energy source.

Apple has created a work plan for all suppliers and assembly lines that work for Apple to stop using coal, a long-term plan that will last 10 years. Starting in 2030, any vendor that currently works or wants to continue working with Apple will not be able to obtain energy from coal.

In this way, by 2030, all the products that Apple puts on the market will have zero climate impact. In addition, Apple has designed a series of actions to reduce emissions by increasing the use of low-carbon and recycled materials, designing products as efficiently as possible from the energy point of view …

It will also identify new ways to reduce energy use in large companies and their manufacturing chains. Too will improve manufacturing processes And it will use materials whose carbon residues are the least possible until reaching zero in 2030.

The main thing Apple has in mind in this long-term plan is that everyone their products only use recycled materials and renewable energy, to avoid manufacturing them, continue to pay a significant bill for the planet in the future.

All the stores, offices and data centers that Apple has spread around the world use only energy from renewable energy. Reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere is not only a matter for large companies, but also for Peronists like you or me, so whenever possible, we should contribute as far as possible to collaborate with recycling, both for mainly electronic devices like plastics.

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