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Friends of Disney series and films can also look forward to in August. The streaming platform has the return of a cult figure in store this month.

The media company Disney has been providing regular on-screen entertainment since its inception in the 1920s. No matter if big or small, Disney films like “Aladin” or “Beauty and the Beast” are classics. These animated fairy tales were written by Howard Ashman, who has now created his own Disney film. “Howard” is released on August 7th and shows the career of the songwriter with archive material that has never been shown before.

The filming of a youth book classic should also be a source of joy. The “Artemis Fowl” saga follows the 12-year-old criminal superbrain of the same name on his way to saving his father. He gets into the underground where he encounters elves and trolls. This long-awaited book adaptation can be seen from August 14th.

And another children’s book has received a cinematic sequel in recent years. From August 21, the magical nanny in “Mary Poppins’ Return” will travel through London again and remind her former proteges of what it means to be a child. In addition to leading actress Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda is also present as the lantern lighter Jack.

All other new releases at Disney + in July

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August 7: Alex & Co. (Season 1), Big City Greens (Season 1), Eddie the Eagle – Anything is possible, Greg’s Diary – Evil Trap !, Hello, Dolly !, Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire, Phineas and Ferb – The Film: Across the 2nd Dimension, UFOs across Europe (Season 1)

August 14: The game meeting of the puppy friends (season 2), the junkyard competition: top class cars (season 1), the Prouds (season 1-2), Vampirina: the ghoul girls (season 2)

August 21: Top 10 Biggest Beasts Ever

August 28th: Lost Treasures of Egypt (Season 1)


August 7th: Season Finals> Disney’s Family Sunday – Episode 40: “Goofy Pen Holder”, A Day at Disney – Episode 36: “Ryan Meinerding: Marvel Studios Creative Director”, Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes On You, Pixar in Real Life – Episode 10: “Wall • E: Buy N Large and the taste of the future”

August 14th: A Day at Disney – Episode 37: “Pavan Komkai: Engineer for Broadcasting Technology”, Magic Camp

August 21: A Day at Disney – Episode 38 “Heather Bartleson: Holiday Services Coordinator”

August 28th: A Day At Disney – Episode 39: “Eric Baker: Imagineering Creative Director”
Marvel’s Hero Project – Episode 19: “Amazing Austin”

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