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Lidl customers can be happy. The discounter is launching an app that customers can use to save money on every purchase. At the start there is a special voucher and you can save on many products. GIGA has the details for you.


Lidl Plus launches new app

The “Lidl Plus” app was previously only available in other countries or in Germany in Berlin and Brandenburg. That will change soon. On August 10th, Lidl Plus will start nationwide and an action will start right away. According to the information from mydealz, which was previously revealed, customers who shop for 25 euros will receive a discount of 5 euros, which can be redeemed directly via the app. But you have to register in the app. The voucher can then be redeemed within 2 weeks.

In addition to the one-time offer for the start of Lidl Plus on August 10, you will also be able to save. The digital customer card activates special discounts that go beyond the normal weekly offer. This is also known from Netto, Rossmann and other dealers. Lidl is now following suit, making its customers happy. The discounts are activated in the app before shopping and automatically redeemed at the checkout when you scan the code of the app. Lidl explains this in detail on a special page about Lidl Plus.

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Other advantages of Lidl Plus

Lidl Plus will also carry out further actions in the new app. For example, you can scratch off a field after buying it and receive a reward. Discount collectors who save a lot of money with the app are also rewarded. The digitalization of purchasing is also practical. So you always have your receipt with you and can see what you have bought. Lidl can of course do that too. Everything that you get from the discounter as a discount or promotion is paid for with personal data and the monitoring of the purchase. So you should think carefully about whether you want to participate.