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all its new functions and spheres

by Tejas Dhawan

The new Samsung watch would be presented on July 22.

Everything points to the fact that next July 22 we have an appointment with Samsung to finally meet the Galaxy Watch3, the new reference smart watch from the company that, two years later, will land to succeed the original Galaxy Watch.

We already know enough details about the new watch, and we have even been able to see it in official renders in several different colors. And today, for the first time, we have been able to meet the news that will come in the software of this device, including its new spheres.

The three different styles of the Galaxy Watch3

New weather app, updated spheres and more

These news have been discovered by the editor of XDA-Developers Max Weinbach, analyzing the leaked firmware of the new watch. Among them, we find functions that were not present in previous models, as well as changes in some of the already existing features. The novelties are summarized in the following sections:

  • Improved notification icons
  • New spheres
  • New weather app, with a background that changes based on the current weather situation
  • Outlook replaces the Samsung Email app
  • New music widget
  • Information borders in the spheres
  • Spheres with new customization options

Perhaps one of the most interesting novelties is the one related to new spheres included in the watch. In total, 25 different spheres, some of them new, and others that we had already seen in the previous watches of the company. In this sense, it is necessary to mention that, if we take into account the background of the firm, it is likely that both new areas and new software They end up reaching the previous models of the Galaxy Watch series sooner or later.

New Galaxy Watch3 dials

Some of the new dials included in the Galaxy Watch3

Beyond all that, Weinbach has been able to confirm that Both the Bluetooth model and the LTE version have an integrated speakerSo there won’t be too many differences between the two beyond connectivity. It also ensures that the watch will feature 8 GB of internal storage, of which 5.2 GB will be available to the user.

Another interesting novelty is the arrival of the function called Informative Digital Edge, a novelty that allows you to personalize the information displayed on the edges of the watch faces, and choose between different types of information such as the activity performed, heart rate or time. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that the weather app also changes compared to the current one, and now it will show different backgrounds based on the state of meteorology:

Finally, Evleaks himself has shared an animated image showing the watch in its titanium-finished version, with a new strap of the same material:

There is not much more to know about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch3. The famous leaker Evan Blass suggested a few days ago that his presentation could take place on July 22. On that date, it is likely that we will also meet the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, the brand’s headphones with a peculiar bean shape.

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