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Like any third party manufacturer, Lenovo has several ranges within its laptop catalog. Each of these ranges is aimed at a different type of user: professionals, gamers, designers, students … Currently the company has no less than six ranges of laptops. Beyond the technical differences between teams, the truth is that each range has a unique component that makes it ideal for its audience. This time we will review all ranges of Lenovo laptops to describe each of its differences in today’s market.

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Lenovo IdeaPad, simple and inexpensive equipment with a multitude of configurations

Lenovo’s most economical range is made up of IdeaPad computers. What characterizes this range is, on the one hand, the price, and on the other, the design, much simpler than that of the rest of the brand’s computers. In general, most IdeaPad computers have a similar design. The difference between each of these teams starts from the technical configuration: Intel and AMD processors, 4 and 8 GB RAM, SDD and HDD storage type etc.

Lenovo Chromebook S345 sideways

Lenovo Chromebook S345.

In general, they are a fairly balanced option, with prices between 400 and 800 euros. Some of the most representative models are the IdeaPad 3, 5, S340 and S540.

Lenovo ChromeBook, computers with Chrome OS as the operating system

Outside of the IdeaPad range we find an even more economical range. Lenovo’s ChromeBook series is made up of very simple computers with Chrome OS, the operating system created by Google that uses the Internet and Android applications to function. That is to say, no linux or windows.

Lenovo Chromebook S345 01


The interesting thing about this type of equipment is the price and the format, which is usually based on folding touch screens. As for the price, they are usually around 200, 300 and 400 euros. By cons, the specifications are usually quite simple: low-power processors, low-performance eMMC-type memory, 4 or 8 GB RAM

They are ideal for students with constant internet connection or users with very simple needs. Curiously, the design and name of most of the models take from other ranges of the brand itself. C340, S345, ThinkPad 13…

Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo’s professional range

To compete with the rest of the professional options on the market, Lenovo has created the ThinkPad series, which draws on the design of the original ThinkPads created by IBM. Considered by many as the most durable equipment in the worldThese types of laptops usually have the latest technology on the market to meet the needs of professionals.

thinkpad l13 lenovo 1

Lenovo ThinkPad L13.

4K displays, next-generation AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, Intel and Ryzen 10000 and 4000 series processors, configurable RAM memory up to 64 GB, battery with up to 16 hours of autonomy, WiFi 6 and 4G LTE connectivity, ThinkPad series keyboards and a long etcetera. Its price is according to the specifications that we have chosen, with values ​​ranging from 1,000 to 1,300 euros starting. Lenovo ThinkPad T14, T14S and T15 are some of the models that we can currently find in the brand’s catalog.

Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo’s convertibles with a folding screen

Ideal for content creators and designers, the Lenovo Yoga series is characterized by its convertible format, with a 360º folding screen and a much more modern and minimalist design. These 2-in-1 teams usually have the stylus lenovo professional for use in programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

lenovo yoga 5g cover

Lenovo Yoga 5G.

In terms of technical specifications, the range of possibilities is very similar to that found in the Lenovo ThinkPad series: Latest generation Intel processors, autonomies of up to 10 and 15 hours… By their nature, they are products intended for the creation and editing of multimedia content, since they usually have screens with a high degree of brightness (about 500 nits), HDR and Full HD and 4K resolution. Likewise, they usually come accompanied by Dolby Atmos sound systems.

Some of the most iconic laptops in this range are the Lenovo Yoga C940, C740, C640, S740 or S940.

Lenovo Legion, laptops for gamers who seek it all

We come to one of the most interesting ranges of the Asian brand. Lenovo Legion laptops are teams entirely dedicated to the world of gaming, with specifications that have little or nothing to do with the rest of the ranges that we have just mentioned.

Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH

Lenovo Legion.

10th Generation Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 processors H-series, 16, 24 or 32 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX and RTX graphics cards, displays with up to 144 Hz frequency, keyboards with RGB backlighting, dedicated cooling systems, PCIe NVMe SSD storage … In short, very capable equipment to get the most out of games, with all that this entails (2 kilograms and a half of weight, 2 and 3 centimeters thick, charger with power supply included…).

The price, yes, usually starts at 1,000 euros and climbs above 2,000. It is the example of computers like the Lenovo Legion 5Pi, 5i, 5, Y540 or Y740Si.

Lenovo ThinkBook, Lenovo’s sophisticated solution for professionals and businesses

The ThinkBook series falls within Lenovo’s professional range. By their characteristics we can say that they are computers very similar to those of the ThinkPad series. The most important difference is found in the design, with a much nicer finish than ThinkPad notebooks.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 5

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus.

Like the ThinkPad series, the Lenovo ThinkBook have a number of features that make them perfect for the business sector, such as the integration of fingerprint sensors and microphones certified by Skype. They are also usually compatible with Alexa voice control and integrate Intel Optane memories to speed up the loading of certain system files.

All this without detracting from the rest of the sections: autonomy of 10 and 12 hours, Dolby Vision certified screens with HDR, sound systems signed by Harman … ThinkBook Plus, 13S, 15 and 14 are some of the most popular models, with prices ranging from 700 to 1,400 euros.

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