all the details of Academia Scholomance, the new expansion

The new expansion of the game marks the beginning of the second phase of the Year of the Phoenix, we tell you everything you need to know.

Scholomance Academy, the new Hearthstonte expansion, It is now available, and we tell you all its details. An update that marks the beginning of the second phase of the Year of the Phoenix and that lands with a total of 135 new cards.

An expansion that puts 135 cards within the reach of players completely new whose design revolves around the prolific teachers, wise lessons and mischievous spells that characterize this legendary institution of higher learning. In addition, they also include 40 double class cards conceived around ten unique class combinations and the powerful synergies they share.

Hearthstone Scholomance Academy

Scholomance Academy, the newest expansion for Hearthstone.

Scholomance Academy is an expansion that takes spells to another level with the new keyword “Sudden magic”, which triggers a unique effect the next time the player casts a spell. In the same way, players will be able to collect new letters of studies that allow you to discover a card instantly and reduce the mana cost of the next card of the same type that is played.

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Scholomance Academy adds 135 new cards to Hearthstone

Scholomance hearthstone Academy

Scholomance Academy, the newest expansion for Hearthstone, arrives on August 6.

“After we announced this expansion last month, there was no doubt that the game’s theme and mechanics appealed to millions of Hearthstone players around the world. We are very excited to inaugurate Scholomance Academy now and put the magic in the hands of the gamers, ”said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment.

Scholomance Academy is now available for both the Windows and Mac version of the game, as well as for Android and iOS mobile devices. Therefore, the Scholomance Academy Card Packs can now be earned in Hearthstone’s Arena mode, or purchased with game gold or real money at the same price as all other Hearthstone card packs.

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