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He Realme X3 SuperZoom It is one of the most interesting terminals on the current scene. It offers photographic capabilities worthy of a high range, in addition to integrating the Snapdragon 855+, the best processor for Android of 2019. However, despite its technical boast, Realme continues to integrate improvements and running bugs to please their owners, as their latest update shows.

Continuous patches are common for all manufacturers. Realme does not follow a fixed pattern in this regard, but it is true that the support of its terminals is well taken care of in its first years of life. Now it is the Realme X3 SuperZoom that receives an update that makes it a more stable terminal and with some interesting news on your screen.

News and bug fixes

As reported by the Chinese firm’s own community, the device is receiving the software update with the version number RMX2081PU_11.A.39, which also integrates the Android security patch of July 2020. One of the main novelties is found in the new function “Smooth Scrolling” which according to the description of the function, will allow the user to obtain a softer feeling in the work of scrooll. This addition is surprising in that the realme X3 SuperZoom already has an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate.

realme x3 superzoom update

This function is found within the “Realme Lab” where the company is adding various functions that may be in the testing phase, although they work correctly as is the Dual Audio version of the Realme terminals. Precisely, this patch also fixes a known bug with audio, which blocked speech when a Bluetooth headset was connected with the LDAC codec. Another important development that I see reflected is the «Optimization of the energy consumption of the system» so we deduce that the device you can better manage your 4,200 mAh and do improving their autonomy.

Other improvements

Other of the improvements that this update integrates and that reports the official change report are:

  • Fixed time display issue
  • Optimized display brightness reduction switch in power saving mode
  • Airplane mode optimized so that the Bluetooth status is not affected after being activated

As usual, this update is coming in batches via OTA. We are aware that it is being received in India by the owners of the device, but it will be launched globally as soon as Realme is certain that no significant errors occur, a practice that is common. However, you can always force the update from Settings / System / System Updates.

Written by David Girao

Source> Realme Community

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